Gotham Set Photos Reveal Penguin & Riddler In Comics-Accurate Costumes

Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor as Riddler and Penguin in Gotham

Throughout the Gotham series, Penguin and the Riddler have been two of the biggest characters, and in the final season, they'll finally have comics-accurate costumes. Gotham first launched on FOX in 2014, and has run for four seasons, with the fifth premiering at the beginning of 2019. Rather than being a full-fledged Batman TV series, the show has focused on the early years of Bruce Wayne, showing his gradual transformation into the Dark Knight.

Even though Gotham has featured a ton of supervillains, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) are easily the most prominent. Both characters were introduced in season 1, and quickly started causing problems in the titular city. The season 4 finale saw Gotham introduce the No Man's Land storyline, which has Riddler and Penguin in the middle of the chaos. Both characters will be returning in the final season, but it appears that they'l have comic-accurate costumes for their final outing with Batman.

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Geek Vibes Nation recently posted on Twitter new set photos from Gotham, which feature both the Riddler and Penguin in costumes that look incredibly similar to the ones present in the comics. Penguin appears in the photos wearing a top hat, a monocle, and a purple suit, while the Riddler is decked out in all green, including green pants, his iconic question mark suit, and green spectacles. Not much is known about the story behind the photos, but it's possible they've been captured by Batman at this point in the season.

Aside from Riddler and Penguin, Gotham season 5 will also have several other villains going head to head with Batman. Marketing for season 5 seems to be heavily focused on the introduction of Shane West's Bane, as well as the continued story of Cameron Monaghan's Joker-like character Jeremiah Valeska. Likewise, actress Francesca Root-Dodson may finally transform into Harley Quinn in the final season, with villains like Scarface and Ventriloquist also being teased by executive producer John Stephens.

While Gotham may have irritated fans by not confirming Jerome (or Jeremiah) as the Joker, these comic-accurate looks for Penguin and Riddler should somewhat make up for that. Not only do both characters look incredibly similar to their comic-book forms, but Penguin will also be fat for the series finale. As for Bruce Wayne himself, fans can also expect a familiar looking Bat-suit, with Stephens comparing it to The Dark Knight RisesWith the final season quickly approaching, fans won't have to wait much longer to see how Gotham season 5 finishes their adaptations of Batman and his Rogues Gallery.

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Gotham season 5 premieres Thursday, January 3 on FOX.

Source: Geek Vibes Nation

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