Gotham Midseason Premiere Trailer Reveals the New Poison Ivy

The trailer for the Gotham midseason premiere reveals the new Poison Ivy, sees Jerome and Penguin team up, and teases the Batcave.

The trailer for the midseason premiere of Gotham introduces the new Poison Ivy and brings Jerome back into the fold. Last night's winter finale for season 4 of Gotham brought to a head the many plot threads of the season. Sofia Falcone executed her intricate plan to dethrone Penguin and make Gordon captain, revealing she was responsible for Professor Pyg's reign of terror. Bruce and Alfred, meanwhile, came to blows as the young vigilante-in-training hit his rock bottom. There's no telling if this will be Gotham's final season, but the show looks like it will be pulling out all the stops next year.

The final piece of last night's Gotham brought Jerome cackling back onto the series after nearly a year gone. Sharing a cell in Arkham right next to Penguin, the character the producers claim isn't Joker looks more like the Clown Prince of Crime than ever before. And with the two villains as neighbors, Gotham the series and the city look to be in for a wave of terror when the show returns.

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FOX released the midseason premiere trailer for Gotham, 'Pieces of a Broken Mirror,' which teases a number of big developments coming when the show returns from hiatus. Most exciting of all is the reveal of Peyton List as Poison Ivy, the third incarnation of the character.

While Bruce has been mostly absent from the plots of the villains he'll one day face, that all looks to change when the new Poison Ivy arrives. Despite a noticeable age gap - though mentally Bruce and Ivy should be around the same age - Ivy looks to be setting her sights on the wayward hero. In doing so, we see teases of the Batcave and a shadow of the Dark Knight, hinting Ivy will somehow help Bruce evolve into Batman. It also looks like she'll finally have her powers after drinking the mysterious chemicals that instigated her latest change earlier in the season.

Aside from Ivy, Penguin and Jerome look as if they'll both be butting heads and joining forces. We've seen villain team-ups on the show before, but Gotham putting Penguin and Jerome together will be a dangerous mix of resources and madness. There's also a glimpse of Ra's al Ghul, likely haunting Bruce as he tries to leave his vigilante days behind.

Bruce's reluctance to fight crime cut his superhero days short earlier this season, but there's never been a doubt that he'll be back at it soon. While we see him burn his mask in the trailer, hopefully that just means he'll be getting a less awkward looking costume when he returns to heroism.

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Gotham will return sometime in 2018 with 'Pieces of a Broken Mirror' on FOX.

Source: FOX

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