Gotham: First Look at Michael Chiklis As The Executioner

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New images reveal a first look at Michael Chiklis as the Executioner in Gotham. There was good news for fans of the series this month, as Fox officially renewed Gotham for a fourth season this fall. This news comes as the show remains one of Fox's best-performing scripted series (despite a drop in ratings this year), and it looks like there will be plenty more time to explore Gotham's versions of famous Batman characters. This season, several big-name characters have evolved into more comic-book worthy versions of themselves, most notably the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha).

Season 3 has also featured some big changes in the Gotham City Police Department, as new Captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) entered at the start of season 2. At first, Barnes was an upstanding Captain, seeking to clean up the department and the city with only above-board methods. As season 3 progressed, however, the character became infected with a virus that brought his worst traits to the surface, turning him into a cold-blooded killer. Barnes became the Executioner (as in 'judge, jury and...'), and is currently locked up at Arkham - but some new images reveal that he'll be back with a whole new look very soon.

Three new images have been posted by today, showing Barnes in his full Executioner glory. His new costume features black greasepaint over the eyes, an armored/leather suit, and a wicked-looking curved knife on top of his left arm. This new Executioner will be revealed in Monday's episode, 'Light The Wick'.

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The Executioner is a character created for Gotham, rather than one lifted from the comics. He does, however, bear some resemblance to a character from Batman: The Animated Series, The Judge. The Judge also took it upon himself to take out the criminal element of Gotham, and had a similar obsessive refrain of 'guilty, guilty, guilty' in his head. However, Batman TAS's Judge was none other than Two-Face, and Harvey Dent has already appeared in Gotham (played by Nicholas D'Agosto).

Because this is a new character, the costume is entirely new as well, and it certainly looks both comic book worthy and impressively threatening - especially that hand/knife. It's not yet clear where Barnes gets this costume, however, or how he breaks out of Arkham. Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is now in the process of gathering an army of 'freaks' and giving them costumes, but his desires are definitely at odds with Barnes'. This may also mark the return of Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) who would be more likely to work alongside the Executioner, or Barnes may even be the 'weapon' that the Court of Owls is going to use to cleanse the city... We'll have to wait until Monday to find out.

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Gotham continues May 15th with “Light The Wick” on Fox.

Source: ComicBook

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