Gotham Casts Michael Bowen as M. Malone; New Mr. Freeze Teaser

Michael Bowen (Breaking Bad) is joining the Gotham TV show cast, while a new promo teases Mr. Freeze's arrival on the series in 2016.

Breaking Bad's Michael Bowen joins Gotham cast

[SPOILERS for the first half of Gotham season 2 ahead.]


The Gotham season 2 Fall Finale, "Worse Than a Crime" has aired, and with it came the conclusion to the Theo Galavan (James Frain) and the Order of St. Dumas narrative arc on the series. Of course, just because that storyline is over doesn't mean the "Rise of the Villains" theme this season is over, too; in fact, a number of well-established DC villains will appears on the TV show when it returns in 2016.

One such baddie, in the form of Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow), made his debut on the show in the epilogue to "Worse Than a Crime", and a newly-released teaser (see the clip above) also alludes to the impending arrival of the icy character.

Similarly, Professor Hugo Strange (BD Wong) was name-dropped near the conclusion to Gotham's mid-season finale, during the latest scene on the show to suggest that Strange's experiments at the Indian Hill facility will serve as a narrative backbone for Gotham during season 2.5. The other key subplot that looks to pick up speed in the Gotham episodes that lie ahead is that surrounding Bruce Wayne's (David Mazouz) search to uncover the truth behind his parents' murder.

Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind), during the pre-Fall Finale episode "The Son of Gotham", identified one "M. Malone" as being the person responsible for killing Bruce's parents. Sure enough, ComicBook is now reporting that Michael Bowen is set to portray M(atches) Malone during the second half of Gotham season 2.

Bowen, for those unfamiliar, is a character actor who has appeared in a number of Quentin Tarantino films (Jackie Brown and Django Unchained among them) and he has multi-episode roles on noteworthy TV series like Lost and Breaking Bad (he played 'Uncle Jack' on the latter) under his belt, too. Matches Malone, in the DC Comics universe, is both an actual person and an alias that Batman often dons while going under-cover in Gotham City's criminal underbelly. However, it seems safe to assume that even in the darkly off-beat world of Gotham, 14-year old Mazouz won't be attempting to pass himself off as the 62-year old Bowen anytime soon.

Breaking Bad's Michael Bowen joins Gotham cast
Breaking Bad's Michael Bowen is headed to Gotham

The Joe Chill character has generally been the crook responsible for killing Thomas and Martha Wayne in past comic books, TV shows, and movies set in the Batman universe, but his motivation for doing so has varied; sometimes it's a random killing, other times it's a contract hit. It's not outside the realm of possibility that Bowen is really playing a version of Joe Chill who, like Batman in comic books past, uses the Matches Malone persona to hide his identity (as a nod to the character's previous iterations). Then again, Matches Malone could also just as easily be the real name of Bowen's character on Gotham, too.

Gotham creator Bruno Heller and his writing staff have been more than willing to play fast and loose with the traditional Batman mythos so far - giving rise to a re-imagining of the mythology that, love it or not, is quite different than any version before - and it would appear they are going to do the same with the truth behind the Waynes' death on the series, too. Indeed, one real possibility is that Matches Malone is connected to the Court of Owls, seeing how the Gotham writers keep dropping hints that the organization will appear on the show, sooner than later.

Then again, Bruce saying owls are his favorite animal in "Worse Than a Crime" might be more of a nod to his fascination with bats than a way of foreshadowing the Court of Owls. One can never be too sure about what to expect next in the strange and twisted world of Gotham, though.

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Gotham season 2 will continue in February 2016.

Source: ComicBook

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