Penguin Threatens Gordon in New Gotham Clips

Sneak peeks from Gotham reveal the Penguin threatening Gordon about the whereabouts of the Riddler and how Barnes becomes the Executioner.

Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue in Gotham Light the Wick

A war is coming to Gotham, and everyone is at a crossroads. For years, the FOX series (which was just renewed for a fourth season) has been slowly building up to the arrival of Batman, the debut of all those supervillains we know and love and the rise of Jim Gordon into the commissioner he will become. And after this season, it seems like we're getting a lot closer to the end. Not only is Bruce already undergoing training to become the protector of Gotham City, but back at home Gordon is also fighting against destiny.

At its core, season 3 has been all about the relationship between Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot. Those two crazy kids, who were once partners in crime, have been in a death struggle for Gotham City. Ever since Nygma shot Cobblepot after discovering that the latter was responsible for the death of Nygma's love Isabella, it's only been a matter of time before the two would come face to face again. In a new clip from this week's episode 'Light the Wick' above, Cobblepot is alive and well, and out for revenge.

Cobblepot seems to have recovered from his almost fatal gunshot wound and gotten over his love of Nygma. Instead, he's looking for Nygma in the last place he was seen, alongside Gordon and in police custody. Gordon claims Nygma escaped, but Cobblepot appears to have figured out the truth that Gordon instead handed Nygma over to the Court of Owls. What Cobblepot doesn't realize, however, is that Gordon has been inducted into the Court himself, and they're both on a collision course with the mysterious organization.

Elsewhere, Barnes is back. The former GCPD Captain is being held by Kathryn (guest star Leslie Hendrix) and the Court of Owls. They have plans to unleash a secret weapon on Gotham City, and it sounds like it starts with Barnes. In the clip above, she's brought back Dr. Hugo Strange (guest star B.D. Wong) to take the virus out of Barnes that made him crazy and weaponize it on a much larger scale.

Despite recently going on a killing spree, Barnes has yet to fully become the Executioner from comic book lore who murders all criminals that cross his path. That will all change with the arrival of Strange and whatever experiment he and Kathryn have planned for the Captain. We've already seen a first look of the deadly Executioner in stills, but it won't be anything like seeing him in action for the first time come Monday. Fans won't want to miss these last three weeks of Gotham, culminating with a two-hour finale on June 5.

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Gotham continues May 15th with 'Light The Wick' on FOX.

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