Gotham Star Wants Kevin Smith to Direct an Episode

Kevin Smith wants to direct Gotham

It’s been a long ride for Kevin Smith (Yoga Hosers), who went from indie film provocateur with films like Clerks and Chasing Amy in the '90s to a leader of geek culture. A beacon for DIY creativity in the entertainment industry still, Smith has built his career on marching to his own drum, famously working on projects that interest him first and foremost. Admittedly, the results of his recent forays into filmmaking have been a bit hit or miss. His last two films, Tusk and Yoga Hosers, have been love ‘em or hate ‘em efforts, with each receiving poor receptions from critics and mixed reactions from fans.

Movies aside, his career has thrived—perhaps even undergone a renaissance—in the world of television. Smith’s efforts The CW’s DCTV series The Flash and Supergirl have found the director reaching new heights and creating some of the most memorable episodes of both shows. His success here has led him to engage in the development of other potential television efforts such as an adaptation of Buckaroo Banzai (which he’s since left following a rights dispute) and a sequel to his hit film Mallrats. Given the success he seems to be having, some have wondered whether he’ll stretch his wings and try his hand at directing non-CW DC TV shows. At least one DC TV series star is hoping that Smith does, anyway.

In a Twitter exchange, Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor encouraged the director to bring his talents to the FOX series, which Smith replied to affably. The conversation was had in response to an interview with Smith on Screener. There, Smith said he would gladly direct an episode of Gotham or even The CW's new Archie Comics adaptation, Riverdale:

"I'm game to try whatever. Gotham, dude. Riverdale. To work on any of these comic book shows. Of course, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow. Any of these shows is... A privilege, and a dream come true, because I grew up reading this s***."

Kevin Smith Wants to Direct An Arrowverse Crossover Episode

There’s no doubt that Smith’s efforts would be well-received anywhere in the world of comic book television. His knowledge of comics and comic lore stretches back decades, and he would bring a sense of legitimacy to whatever project he came to; even a show like Gotham or Riverdale, both of which take decidedly unorthodox approaches to the comics series that inspired them. Smith even spent some time on an infamous run of Green Arrow and Daredevil, so he brings an active knowledge of how to write and construct a comics-based narrative.

Gotham, in particular, feels well-suited for Smith’s abilities. As a prequel to the Batman we know and love, there are still plenty of unexplored realms of the universe that are just ripe for mining by someone with Smith’s knowledge. Given enough leeway, Smith could bring some real, heavy power to the drama and increase its comics cred to even greater height.

Despite a willingness from both Smith and one of Gotham's main stars, there’s nothing yet in the works that suggests this collaboration will happen. It does seem more likely now, however. Smith has certainly got the right combination of knowledge and chops, so we wouldn’t be surprised if something came out of this.

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Source: Screener, Twitter

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