Gotham Actor is Doubtful Jerome Will Ever Be Full-Time Villain


Jerome may never be a full-time villain on Gotham, despite his apparent importance in the series' mythology. While the idea of Bruce Wayne being so much younger than the majority of Batman's most iconic villains has never really sat well with many, that hasn't stopped Gotham from using said villains as a big draw to viewers. Witnessing the evolution of characters like Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot into the dastardly Riddler and Penguin that fans know and hate to love is one of Gotham's strongest suits, especially when watching Jim Gordon investigate the case of the week sometimes gets old.

Perhaps the most intriguing villain on Gotham to date though is one that fans still aren't 100% sure will become who it seems like he will. Batman's most notorious foe is of course The Joker, a disfigured clown prince of crime that never seems to stay dead. That description becomes more and more applicable to Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), a psychopath who gets his kicks torturing and murdering the innocent, and has literally come back from the dead at least once.

While Gotham's creative staff remains cagey as to whether Jerome will actually become the full-fledged Joker or not, his presence is still always a welcome shot in the arm to each Gotham season, turning the status quo upside down in hideously delightful ways. However, unlike Gotham's other resident villains, Jerome never seems to stick around more than a handful of episodes at a time. Will Jerome ever become a full-time Gotham bad guy? It's unlikely, at least according to Gotham star Drew Powell, who said the following (via Cinema Blend):

"I feel like Jerome is a solo artist. He's not one to team up with anyone. Early on he had his Maniax, but I think the evolution of that character is he's a unique psychopath/sociopath, both. So I don't see any teaming up with Jerome.

That's part of the deal with him which was interesting; how they kind of had a Jerome section in the middle of our season. And part of that is the actor has another job [on Shameless], and the other part is that character is intense. 22 episodes is a lot of TV... So those characters that are super intense... you can't use them all the time or it stresses people out. So yeah, I think when Jerome comes, it's all about Jerome."

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Gotham - Jerome and Bruce

Powell of course knows something about being a Gotham villain, having portrayed hulking brute Butch Gilzean since the beginning of the series, and worked alongside most of the other villains in town at one point or another. While Butch met his seeming end in the season 3 finale, his birth name was also revealed to be Cyrus Gold, aka Solomon Grundy. With that in mind, it looks like Jerome soon won't be the only bad guy unable to be held down by a little inconvenience called death, when Gotham season 4 airs.

His overall point regarding Jerome is quite sound though, and it wouldn't at all be surprising to hear Powell's sentiments echoed by Gotham's writers and producers. Jerome is such a force of nature whenever he shows up that it almost makes everything else going on in the city look trivial by comparison, making it hard to focus on anything but his latest killing spree. At the same time, the mystery behind whether or not he's actually The Joker also gets harder to maintain the more screen time he receives. Thus, Jerome fans hoping he'll become a series regular anytime soon are probably out of luck.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 28 on FOX.

Source: Cinema Blend

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