Gotham Behind-the-Scenes Image Teases Jerome's Joker Makeup

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska in Gotham season 2

Like the show's take on the cast of characters from Batman's life, Gotham has continually reinvented itself. Not only has the show slowly moved from seedy procedural to full-blown comic book mayhem, but each season the producers and writers attempt to reframe the story being told with a number of overarching plots and subtitles summing up the ever-shifting status quo. In season 3, Mad City has served to encapsulate where the city stands. We've seen new characters emerge, like the Court of Owls and the Mad Hatter, and watched as a number of comic villains have begun morphing into their more iconic forms.

As the show moves into the second half of season 3, fans will see Edward Nygma become the Riddler and Selina Kyle will start acting like Catwoman. There may even be an appearance by Harley Quinn, bringing her original introduction on TV full circle. One of the more intriguing changes, however, is coming in the form of the show's take on the Joker. The character has long been teased on Gotham, with the late Jerome Valeska coming the closest to becoming the small screen's Clown Prince of Crime. While fans may be torn over whether Jerome should actually be the Joker on Gotham, it sure looks as if it's happening.

It is already known Jerome will return from the dead this season, and we've even seen what he'll look like. Now, thanks to Sean Pertwee's Twitter account (via CBR), fans can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at actor Cameron Monaghan's transformation into a more mutilated Jerome.

Approach with extreme caution geniuses at work @Gotham tonight #fox 8/7 @cameronmonaghan MichaelMaddi #faceonfaceoff Miss this at your peril

— Sean Pertwee (@seanpertwee) January 23, 2017

The photo teases the heavy prosthetics employed to bring Jerome one step closer to becoming the disfigured villain. While there have been many takes on the facial appearance of the Joker, they generally focus on the smile. From what has been seen of the makeup Monaghan is wearing for his return, it looks like he might have the most twisted countenance yet.

The jury's still out on whether Jerome will actually turn into Gotham's version of the Joker, but hopefully we'll know soon. The producers have teased the arrival of Batman's greatest foe, so it'd be nice to know once and for all if Jerome is that man. Regardless of how you feel about the decision, it's hard to deny that Monaghan has been masterful in his take on Jerome. He certainly appears to have all the traits of Gotham City's most notorious psychopath, so only time will tell if he's the real deal.

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Gotham continues tonight, January 23, with 'Smile Like You Mean It' on FOX.

Source: Sean Pertwee (via CBR)

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