Gotham Season 3: Jamie Chung Cast as Valerie Vale

Jamie Chung Iron Fists

Gotham, FOX's dark prequel to the Batman mythos, hasn't received the kind of enthusiastic support from many TV critics that's greeted cheerier fare like Supergirl or The Flash - particularly after the divisive, villain-centric second season. But consistent ratings and a reliable pop-culture fixation on all things Batman has ensured a third season's go-around for the ambitious cops-vs-supervillains drama, with early rumors promising more fan-favorite characters, more comic connections and new surprises yet to come.

One of those aforementioned connections has now been revealed, with confirmation that actress Jamie Chung will portray Valerie Vale - the aunt of classic (future?) Batman love interest Vicki Vale. Originally appearing in Batman #49 in 1948 and created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Lew Schwartz, Victoria "Vicki" Vale was an early love-interest for both Batman and Bruce Wayne in a scenario that closely mirrored the relationship of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

A reporter for the Gotham Gazette, Vale balanced wooing billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne while also reporting on the mysterious activities of The Batman; not realizing they were the same person. Chung's Valerie Vale, on the other hand, is a new addition to the Bat-mythology making her debut in Gotham, also working as a reporter for this series' incarnation of the Gotham Gazette. While much of season 3's storyline remains secret (and/or undecided), the report by TV Line states that Vale will be investigating the truth behind Indian Hill and seeking out James Gordon, whom she believes is the key to the information she seeks.

Jamie Chung Sucker Punch

Gotham's other season 3 plans are looking equally ambitious, with multiple characters returning and action within the city being ramped up following the surprising events at the climax of season 2 and the ongoing machinations set into motion by Hugo Strange. The Mad Hatter is set to make a series debut, along with a new and more dangerous Pepper (aka "Poision") Ivy. There's also the yet-to-be-explained mysterious appearance of what appeared to be a look-alike doppleganger for young Bruce Wayne himself.

Chung's Valerie Vale will mark the second time a member of the Vale family has appeared in a Batman adaptation, with Kim Basinger having portrayed the first live-action Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film. Originally landing on Hollywood's radar as a member of MTV's Real World reality TV series in the 90s, Chung has gone on to an impressively eclectic filmography that includes TV series like Disney's Samurai Girl and feature films such as Sucker Punch, Dragonball Evolution and The Man With The Iron Fists. She was most recently seen as Mulan on ABC's Once Upon A Time.

Gotham season 3 will premiere on Monday, September 19th at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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