Gotham & iZombie Renewal Chances Good; Powerless Less Likely

Ben McKenzie in Gotham

FOX's Gotham and The CW's iZombie are reportedly likely to be renewed, while NBC's Powerless is looking less likely to survive. It's spring, which means that not only is the TV season winding down, the annual network upfront presentations are drawing ever closer. These events are where the five broadcast networks - and many cable channels/streaming services as well - announce their programming schedules for the coming fall season, including which new series are officially being added to the mix. Naturally, these gatherings are usually led up to by some house cleaning, with networks revealing which struggling series have gotten the cancellation ax, and which will return against the odds for another season.

Three well-known shows that still have yet to be officially picked up for new seasons include FOX's Batman prequel series Gotham, The CW's brain-munching dramedy iZombie, and NBC's DC universe workplace comedy Powerless. After a months-long break, Gotham is set to return for the remaining installments of its third season later this month, while iZombie's third season premiered just over a week ago. Powerless is slated to wrap up its freshman season in May.

In one of its annual "Deathwatch" columns, EW asked a group of industry insiders for guidance as to which shows that haven't already been either renewed or canceled will be coming back, leading to some interesting predictions. As it pertains to the three series mentioned above, EW predicts that Gotham will earn a season 4 renewal by the skin of its teeth, iZombie will be picked up for season 4 as well, and sadly, the ratings-starved Powerless is all but a lock to not survive to see season 2.

Despite Gotham's 1.1 average rating for season 3 so far - a drop of nearly 30 percent from season 2's average numbers -  EW feels that Gotham's survival will be more due to their being several lower-rated FOX dramas than a big desire to keep the formerly high-rated series in the line-up. iZombie has proven itself a fairly dependable midseason performer for The CW, and there's little reason to believe that it won't get another shot. Unfortunately, Powerless' 0.7 average rating makes it the lowest rated comedy on NBC, with EW saying "Performance wise, if this D.C. Comics show were a movie it would be Catwoman." Ouch.

A few other notable predictions EW makes in the above round-up include a season 2 renewal for ABC's Designated Survivor, a season 3 pick-up for NBC's Blindspot, a likely cancellation for NBC's Taken, CBS' Elementary just barely getting renewed, FOX's Scream Queens and Sleepy Hollow getting the ax, and horror movie adaptation The Exorcist being a veritable lock to not possess another season. Fans will find out which of these predictions come true and which were way off base in just a few weeks.

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Gotham season 3 returns to FOX on April 24, iZombie season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW, and Powerless season 1 airs Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC.

Source: EW

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