Gotham ‘Hog Day Afternoon’ Video: Penguin vs. Professor Pyg

Before Professor Pyg debuts on this week's Gotham, a new clip offers a tease of the chaos he'll bring to the city. As it heads into its fourth season, no one could claim that Gotham has been shy about bringing DC characters to the small screen. While the titular city has been desperately low on heroes, villains big and small have popped up over the years. Characters like the Riddler and Selina Kyle have slowly grown, while new additions like Solomon Grundy are just now arriving. This week, Professor Pyg will be added to that list.

Played by Fringe alum Michael Cerveris, we've heard from the stars of the show that the actor brings something dark and creepy to Professor Pyg. The character is relatively new in the comics, but his disturbing demeanor and lust for butchering people will fit right in on Gotham. We recently got a look at the trailer and some images for this week's Gothamwhich offered the first tease of a fairly comic-accurate take on Pyg. Now, a new clip from this week's episode hints at the villain's agenda.

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FOX released a look at this Thursday's episode of Gotham, 'Hog Day Afternoon,' where Gordon and Bullock get called in to investigate a bizarre killing. The detective and Captain find one of their own has been murdered, wearing the face of a dead pig no less. Of course, the cop has also been working with Penguin in his scheme to take control of Gotham. We don't know why Pyg is purposefully agitating the unhinged Penguin, but Gordon naturally heads right to the Gotham crime boss to find out. Unfortunately for Gordon, the episode will eventually bring him face to face with the sadistic Pyg.

Gotham seems to have found its confidence this season, as it's assuredly burned through stories and brought a number of comic book personas to life. Professor Pyg will offer a nice balance of the grounded and fantastical, something Gotham has always excelled at. It also shows the series is heading back to focusing on the GCPD after spending the first few episode establishing Bruce as Gotham's new protector.

While Bruce may have hung up his suit for the time being, it likely won't be much longer until he's back in action. It can't come too soon either, as Gotham has plenty more villains on the way. While Ivy has remained fairly insignificant in the narrative so far this season, we know she'll get her Poison Ivy powers soon. When she does, she'll likely join up with the other Sirens as yet another force for chaos in the city. Then there's Riddler and Grundy's new partnership, which is bound to lead to trouble. With so many villains mounting and only Gordon interested in stopping them, Bruce won't be able to remain off the streets for long.

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Gotham continues this Thursday with 'Hog Day Afternoon' on FOX.

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