Gotham Producer Teases Harley Quinn Appearance in Season 3 Finale

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Not long before the season 3 premiere, producers of FOX's Gotham were keen to establish a connection between the Batman prequel series and the burgeoning DC Extended Universe, especially in the wake of the box office success of Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad. At the time, producer John Stephens discussed the likelihood that two key Squad members and primary Bat-villains, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, would soon make an appearance on the weekly crime procedural, though it was stated that the two might have to wait until another Batman nemesis made his appearance first.

Now, as Gotham readies 'Ghosts', the season 3 midseason premiere heavily promoting the return (and apparent resurrection) of proto-Joker Jerome Valeska, the road toward an appearance by a certain bat-wielding member of the Squad may have been partially cleared. At least that's what producer John Stephens recently teased when asked whether or not fans could expect an appearance by Quinn anytime soon. To his credit, the producer gave a surprisingly candid response.

As reported by TV Guide, the Suicide Squad star might show up in Gotham as early this season – or the season finale, to be exact. "We might see [her] in Episode 22," Stephens said. Though he didn't elaborate further in terms of the exact specifics of her role, he did mention that Harley's appearance would serve a much larger purpose than a simple Bat-villain cameo, as her arrival will act as a "launching point" for the upcoming season 4 storyline. At that point, Stephens was sure to mention, "it's crazy," though the report didn't specify if he was referring to Harley's appearance, the season 4 plot or both. The good money is on both.

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There was no mention of the actor assigned to play Quinn, but that should come as no surprise. There has been plenty of speculation that former Jim Gordon love interest Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) would take up the mantle of the character, but that is far from confirmed at this point, and even Richards herself has pooh-poohed the notion. Moreover, earlier this summer, producer Ken Woodruff suggested that the character of Harley Quinn might have already been introduced, and fans simply didn't know it yet.

The producers having that sort of guessing game at the ready helps explain why they would spill the beans on the arrival of such an anticipated character so far ahead of time. Knowing the likelihood of a Harley Quinn appearance is good will no doubt afford Gotham a profile boost among comic book fans curious to see what the series does with the character and what her arrival means for the future of the titular city. Given that Harley's comic book love interest (or a proto version of him anyway) seems set for an appearance, Gotham may be looking at a clownish crime wave in its future.


Gotham returns next Monday with 'Smile Like You Mean It' @8pm on FOX.

Source: TV Guide

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