Gotham Is 'Never Going To See Harley Quinn'

Sorry Harley Quinn fans, it looks like the character will not be appearing on Gotham after all. By its very nature as a Batman prequel, the FOX drama has introduced audiences to evolving versions of multiple notable future foes of the Caped Crusader, including The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy. Jerome is also likely the future Joker, despite producers' continuing refusal to confirm that theory as fact. Even Solomon Grundy was confirmed as being present via a reveal late in season 3.

One future villain yet to appear on Gotham is Harley Quinn, Joker's equally psychotic love interest. This is quite odd, since Gotham star David Mazouz straight up said that the character would make an appearance in the season 3 finale. Alas, season 3 has long-since ended, and not even a cameo appearance by Harley was offered up as part of the episode. This didn't sit well with many fans, but it didn't necessarily dull the enthusiasm for her eventually arriving in Gotham.

During tonight's San Diego Comic-Con 2017 festivities, however, the subject of Harley Quinn joining Gotham's eclectic cast of characters was once again broached - and producer John Stephens responded with an answer sure to shock and annoy many hardcore devotees of Mr. J's main squeeze. Here's what he had to say:

"It was my fault. I had thought I had said and I might have not said it: We'll see a Harley Quinn-esque character. Because in our mind Barbara was taking on a lot of the ethos and spirit of Harley Quinn, you know, her love of anarchy and violence. All those things that make Harley, Harley in many ways, we were trying to put into Barbara. So I thought that she was becoming a Harley Quinn-esque character. But we're never going to see Harley Quinn. Sorry about that."

Well, that's disappointing. It would appear that all the previous teases - including the aforementioned one by Mazouz - were based on one big misunderstanding, at least based on what Stephens had to say. While many had assumed that Barbara was the most logical candidate to turn into Harley, it seems that she's already gotten as close to the character as she's ever likely to get.

Harley Quinn or no Harley Quinn though, Gotham season 4 is still set to kick Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman into high gear. He may still seem a bit young for the cape and cowl, but hey, who knows how many more seasons Gotham will get? If the series is gonna go full Batman, it's likely soon or never.

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Gotham season 4 premieres September 28 on FOX.

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