'Gotham' and 'The Flash' to Premiere at Comic-Con

Gotham gets full season order

Just when you might be thinking that this year's San Diego Comic-Con can't possibly get any bigger, Warner Bros. and DC decide to add another huge event to the already packed schedule. On Saturday, July 26th, Warner and DC will team up to present full screenings of the premiere episodes of FOX's highly anticipated Batman prequel Gotham and The CW's equally anticipated Arrow spin-off The Flash.

As if the world premieres of Gotham and The Flash weren't enough to make attendees swoon, exclusive footage from the third season of Arrow will be presented, as will exclusive content pertaining to NBC's upcoming Constantine series. In addition to the video presentations, members of the cast and crew of all four shows are scheduled to appear in person at varying times throughout the night.

This seems like an apropos move for Warner and DC to make. Comic-Con has grown to encompass pretty much every genre of popular entertainment, but it still largely remains a gathering of die-hard superhero and comic book fans. There is unlikely to ever be a more appreciative audience for the Gotham and Flash premieres than the folks who paid top dollar and fought the mammoth crowds for a chance to get an early peek at the next installment in their favorite franchises.

The Flash

Of course, that same dedicated crowd could prove to be a mixed blessing. Word of mouth from Comic-Con travels fast, and if the Gotham and Flash premieres aren't up to snuff, thousands of disappointed tweets and blog posts are likely to be fired off within mere hours of the screenings. Then again, surely Warner and DC know this, and wouldn't stage such a huge event if they didn't have the utmost confidence in the quality of the products they're putting on offer.

One factor working in Gotham and The Flash's favor are the very positive early reactions both series' pilots have received. Early opinions have been leaked quite strategically in recent weeks, serving to steadily up the anticipation levels for each show's respective fall debut. FOX especially seems to be banking on the success of Gotham, awarding it the prime Mondays at 8 p.m. timeslot, and making it the network's centerpiece new series in its fall season marketing. The CW is likely a bit more sure of itself with Flash, due to the fact that many of the same creative minds that made Arrow a huge hit are also behind Barry Allen's solo outing.

Will the public at large flock to a pre-Batman Gotham City? Will The Flash prove to be as popular with the masses as Arrow? We won't find out those answers until fall, but those lucky enough to attend Comic-Con will get an early taste of the possible small-screen phenomenons to come.


Gotham will air on Mondays at 8/7c on FOX, but has no current premiere date. The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 2nd at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Warner Bros and DC Entertainment

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