Gotham Finale Footage Description Teases Final Batman, Penguin & Riddler

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The finale of Gotham will feature fully realized versions of Batman, as well as Penguin and the Riddler. Gotham, which premiered on Fox in 2014, tells the story of a young Jim Gordon as he becomes a police officer in Gotham. It also tells the story of an even younger Bruce Wayne, who is still dealing with the loss of his parents.

Throughout its previous four seasons, Gotham has introduced many of the most iconic characters in Batman lore. The series has brought its own versions of Gordon, Wayne, Riddler and Penguin to life, as well as teased a new iteration of the Joker. After Fox announced that Gotham would get a fifth and final season, fans began to speculate about what the final forms of these characters might take. This season has focused on the "Zero Year" plot from the Batman comic books, showing a Gotham cut off from the rest of the world, leaving the villains to rule various regions of the city. But the city has not yet seen its true savior yet, the one that fans know as Batman.

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However, those attending the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour panel for Fox got a sneak peek at the Gotham series finale. Journalists Damian Holbrook and Chris Hayner tweeted that not only did the clip they watched show a fully realized Batman, it also featured the more familiar versions of Penguin and Riddler.

This confirms something that Penguin actor Robin Lord Taylor recently spoke about: Penguin will take on a rounder shape for the Gotham finale, which will make a jump 10 years into the future. It seems like the Riddler will also finally come into his more comic book form. However, it's still unclear if the iconic version of the Joker will turn up since the show's unique take on the character in Gotham keeps fans scratching their heads as to who will eventually become the Clown Prince of Crime. It was always assumed, though, that the series finale would feature Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, even if the actor who portrayed the character, David Mazouz, won't always be the one sporting the suit in those final moments.

For a show that initially began with a story about Jim Gordon, Gotham quickly expanded its focus to include Bruce Wayne and his becoming Batman, as well as on the villains that helped make Batman who he is. It's nice to know that fans will get these characters in their iconic forms at the end of the final season.

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Source: Damian HolbrookChris Hayner

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