Gotham Star Teases 'Most Evil' Version of Ra's al Ghul in Season 4

Gotham star David Mazouz teases the most evil version of Ra's al Ghul yet, and says Bruce will face off against the Penguin in season 4.

The new season of Gotham will finally see Bruce Wayne go up against some of Batman's biggest enemies. For three seasons now, Bruce has slowly been learning the skills he'll one day need to save his city on Gotham. As season 4 dawns, the young billionaire will finally take to the streets in a new suit and fight crime. Yesterday's extended trailer for the new season offered plenty of looks at the rising hero in action. It also teased all the villains that Bruce and Jim Gordon will be facing this season.

Leading the charge in the new season will be a fully-fledged take on Scarecrow. Armed with a scythe, fear gar, and plenty of minions, he'll throw Gotham into disarray as Penguin, Gordon, and Bruce all attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, the Sirens and Solomon Grundy will also be coming to town, providing a number of obstacles for what few heroes there are. In the past, most of the show's villains have been tackled by Gordon and the GCPD -- or have simply been thwarted by in-fighting. In season 4, however, Bruce starts pulling his weight.

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Rotten Tomatoes spoke with Gotham star David Mazouz about where Bruce will be at in the new season, and the actor made it clear that his character is on a crash course with his destiny as Batman. Right out of the gate Bruce will be fighting crime, and he'll finally take the fight to some of his future rogues.

"Ra’s al Ghul is his biggest villain. He’ s going to be putting him through mental torture, but also he’s going to take on The Penguin pretty early on."

Bruce battling Ra's al Ghul makes sense, given it was his manipulations that caused the young man to stab Alfred. After waiting in the wings all last season, it looks as if Ra's will take center stage as the new big threat to Gotham. When he does, he'll have to face Bruce. Even more exciting, the future Dark Knight will finally clash with the Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot has been vexing Batman for years in the comics, so their meeting on Gotham will be an exciting one.

Mazouz also discussed Alexander Siddig's take on Ra's al Ghul when he was asked if this version will be the meanest one yet fans have seen in live action.

"Yes, absolutely. I would say this is the most evil Ra’s al Ghul. This is the Ra’s al Ghul that will do awful, awful, very, very controversial things that I’m surprised they’re letting us do on national television."

Fans of Ra's al Ghul will certainly be excited to hear this. While Liam Neeson's take in Batman Begins had his moments, Matt Noble's version on Arrow had few fans. Both were also a far cry from the Arabic al Ghul in the comics. With Siddig, Gotham has the opportunity to feature a fantastic actor as the most comic-accurate version of the villain yet. And given the dark machinations Mazouz has teased, it looks like Bruce and Gotham will be in for trouble this season.

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Gotham season 4 premieres Thursday, September 21 on FOX.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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