There have been plenty attempts to portray the story of Batman, from comics, to Television, and even plenty of movies. However, while these stories do reference how the Batman came to be, they do not talk about the life of Bruce Wayne before he took on the mantle of the Dark Knight.

Gotham is the prequel to the Batman mythos, exploring the origins and series of events that led Bruce Wayne to become the Batman. The series is not just exemplary for providing a prequel to one of DC’S biggest juggernauts, it also gives audiences a look into the origins of several characters tied to the legend of the Batman including: Jim Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot, and Selina Kyle.

Gotham offers an in depth look into the lives of some of the Batman’s most notorious foes and loyal allies, all while taking place within its own universe. During the show’s production, some interesting facts and secrets occur behind the scenes.

Here are the 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Gotham

15. Ben McKenzie Was Injured On-Set        

ben mckenzie injured instagram picture Gotham: 15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets

Ben McKenzie is an actor with deep roots in the Batman mythos. He is the first person to play both Jim Gordon and Batman in the animated feature, Batman: Year One. However, working on the set of Gotham is bound to be intense.

McKenzie tries to be as authentic as possible, resulting in a stunt that seemed a little too authentic. During one of his fight scenes, McKenzie received a serious an injury when he was slammed into a concrete pillar. While he was okay, the wound did require stitches.

A few days after this incident, McKenzie was involved in a car crash. Thankfully, both he and the driver were alright. With the way he survives these accidents, it’s no surprise he was chosen to take on the role of Gordon.

14. Robin Lord Taylor Puts a Bottle Cap in His Shoe

Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin in Gotham Season 2 Gotham: 15 Dark Behind The Scenes Secrets

A defining trait for the Penguin is the way he limps when he walks. In Gotham, Penguin is injured after an altercation withFish Mooney. The resulting limp quickly earns him his nickname, The Penguin. 

When Taylor first tries to recreate his character’s limp, he has some trouble maintaining it. In one scene, he actually forgets to limp and walks normally. Thus, he uses an old Stella Adler trick and puts a bottle cap in his shoe. The result is that it helps him to put less pressure on his foot, so as not to maim himself, and adapt to the limp.

According to Taylor, doing this helps to simulate the reality of the Penguin’s pain, reminding him of what his character went through. This in turn helps him to translate the realism of this painful experience to the audience.