Gotham: The Court Of Owls Has A Secret Weapon In New Promo

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Gotham ahead.]


A new promo trailer for the ongoing 'Heroes Rise' arc of Gotham promises to delve deeper into the Court of Owls storyline, with the shadowy group apparently in possession of an ominous secret weapon. The Batman prequel series returned this week after a mid-season break with 'How The Riddler Got His Name', an episode that, predictably, furthered Edward Nygma's progression into the infamous comic book villain known as The Riddler.

Also featuring heavily in the current run are the enigmatic group known as the Court of Owls. In the Batman comic series, the Court are a select group of upper-class Gotham citizens that control the entire city from the background. In the TV show, it appears that Jim Gordon's very own family is attached to the Court and the GCPD Detective seemingly has a role to play in their mission to save Gotham City - by destroying it.

FOX has now released a new trailer that shows the Court of Owls' operation in full swing as Jim's Uncle tell his nephew that the Court controls a weapon that they'll use to destroy the entire city. Also shown is Bruce Wayne's mountain adventure alongside a mysterious new mystical character and elsewhere, Barbara Kean's criminal credentials continue to grow as she continues her rumored transformation into Harley Quinn. A brief shot of the Penguin is also included as he seemingly teams up with the recently-matured Poison Ivy.

Ben McKenzie as James Gordon in Gotham

Although the trailer refrains from giving away exactly what the Court of Owls' secret weapon is, fans will notice that the container housing this mysterious object is branded with an Indian Hill logo and is about the right shape for a person to fit inside. Viewers will remember Indian Hill as the facility headed by Professor Hugo Strange for giving (often dead) humans a new lease of life with incredible super-powers. As such, it's perhaps likely that the Court's secret weapon will be one of Strange's abominable creations, as well as a recognized villain from the Batman canon.

With Gotham moving into the final part of its third season, the narrative is certainly heating up thanks to some juicy elements taken from the source material. The Court of Owls comic book series was a very popular run with readers and their presence on the show adds a different strand of villainy. Bruce's clear progression towards Batman is also highly intriguing, as he inches closer to being the character that has propped up the entire franchise for almost a century.

With that said, there's an argument to be made that Bruce's development into Batman isn't something Gotham should be covering. That story has been the subject of many other movies, television shows and comics and the original remit for this prequel series was to focus on the adventures of a young James Gordon. As such, diving deeper into Bruce's turn towards vigilantism runs the risk of becoming the show's main focus and detracting from the other stories on screen.

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Gotham continues with 'These Delicate and Dark Obsessions' May 1st on FOX.

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