Gotham: Court of Owls Will Change Bruce Emotionally

The Court of Owls Gotham

The Marvel Cinematic Universe all but owns the world of streaming media with their recent domination of Netflix in series like Daredevil and Luke Cage. DC Comics, meanwhile, has kept their small screen domain centered on The CW network for the most part with their powerhouse series like Arrow and The Flash. The one exception has been the Batman prequel series Gotham over on the FOX network

Gotham has long been controvertial among fans due to the series having its own unique take on the Batman mythos and the characters within. The first half of season 3 is now over and the back half is about to heat up with the Court of Owls making their move on Bruce Wayne.

Gotham has made a lot of unconventional moves with their characters, but one aspect they have adapted in a slightly more traditional way has been The Court of Owls. David Mazouz, the actor that portrays a young Bruce Wayne on the series, recently told TV Guide that the fans can count on the Court of Owls being "very present" for the rest of the season.

"They do something to him ... that will change him forever, emotionally. There are some very, very emotional things that happen to Bruce."

Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska in Gotham Season 3

It's clear by watching Gotham that The Court of Owls has an elaborate plan in place, we're just not privy to it yet as the viewers. We do know that they're training a Bruce Wayne doppleganger, dubbed "emo Bruce" by the fans. The Court is no doubt attempting to ruin Wayne's name in the city, though, in order to do that they will need to keep the real Bruce out of the public eye.

The exact details of how this will unfold won't be revealed to us until the show comes back in April for the latter half of the third season. So far, this has been one of the more subtle backround storylines that has been slowing brewing over the course of the season. The recent story arc with the return of Jerome has shown Gordon that he and the Gotham City Police Department are in over their heads when it comes to keeping up with this new era of criminal in Gotham. The Court of Owls is no doubt going to add to this glaring gap in justice that only Batman will one day be able to fill.

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Gotham continues on April 24, 2017 with ‘How the Riddler Got His Name’ at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TV Guide

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