Is The Joker/Harley Movie Replacing Gotham City Sirens?

Gotham City Sirens and Joker and Harley

There's been a lot of Joker-related movie news recently, but one film related to the Clown Prince of Crime appears to have fallen by the wayside: Gotham City Sirens. Has it been canceled? The project, which has David Ayer linked as director, was first mooted in late 2016 and back then appeared to be an evolution of the Margot Robbie-produced Harley Quinn spinoff, seeing the psychotic psychiatrist teaming up with fellow Batman villains Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

This week we've had reports on three different Joker movies. First up is the announcement of a Joker origin film directed by Todd Phillips and produced by Martin Scorsese that exists outside of the DCEU canon; then was word that the currently director-less Suicide Squad 2 is being fast-tracked; and, finally, confirmation that a Harley/Joker film is in development. So, where's Sirens? It depends on who you ask.

The Tracking Board reported on Wednesday that the Harley/Joker film was going to be following on directly from Suicide Squad 2 and thus replacing GCS' place in the Warners game plan, concluding that Sirens was off the table and Ayer no longer attached to any DC projects. However, a day later Forbes told a very different tale; they seemed to concur that Harley/Joker was a priority but went on to claim the two movies still exist in active development and Sirens is expected to emerge at some point.

From those two reports, it appears Harley/Joker has indeed replaced Gotham City Sirens' place on the DCEU slate, but there's some debate over whether that means Ayer's film has been assimilated or simply pushed back. The last we heard about the femme fatal team-up was the director reaffirming his involvement after it emerged the film wasn't green-lit (something both reports align with). That would make it seem that the two movies are two separate projects, meaning that until we get a specific report Sirens isn't dead just yet.

The biggest thing to remember here is that these movies are in the early stages of development and none have been officially announced. The only film involving these characters Warners has confirmed is Suicide Squad 2, which was one of eight movies revealed at SDCC 2017. All other projects are only known about via insider sources.

One thing we can conclude resolutely, though, is that Warners are pretty keen to invest more in the Joker. Aside from a totally separate version from Scorsese, Jared Leto has recently emerged with a vengeance, making clear he plans to stick around as the Joker, at least in the short-term.



Source: The Tracking BoardForbes

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