15 Actresses Who Could Play Catwoman In Gotham City Sirens

Catwoman Comic Explosion

It would be inaccurate to say that DC Comics’ revitalized film efforts have been a complete failure, but there’s no denying that the fabled comic book company is struggling to achieve the level of success they likely envisioned for their shared cinematic universe when they take a look at the review scores and box office numbers of Marvel films. Still, the sheer quality of the DC properties means that even the most pessimistic of fans haven’t given up hope. There are too many great stories in the DC universe for one of them not to turn into that one special modern movie. It’s part of the reason why the intriguing Gotham City Sirens project is generating so much buzz.

While there’s no shortage of reasons to be excited about Sirens, the likelihood that Catwoman will be featured as one of the film’s leads is near the top of the list. There have been a scant few actresses that have ever had the chance to tackle the role of Catwoman, and fewer still that have had the opportunity to really capitalize off the greatness of the character. The Catwoman of Sirens could be the character’s greatest on-screen appearance yet, which makes the matter of who is going to play her that much more important.

Here are 15 Actresses Who Could Play Catwoman In Gotham City Sirens.

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Ruby Rose in Resident Evil
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15 Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose in Resident Evil

Let’s imagine that the Catwoman of Gotham City Sirens is going to be portrayed to complement the look of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. That means we can expect an interpretation of the character that has a little more of a hip edge to her; a punky Selina Kyle that is much more likely to blend in at a dive bar rather than a formal ball. If that indeed is the direction Gotham City Sirens' creative team goes with the character, then Ruby Rose is certainly one of the most intriguing casting options out there.

Rose’s entertainment career is still young, but in just a few roles, she has established herself as edgy beauty whose acting chops manage to catch many viewers off-guard. As she's proven in Orange is the New Black, Rose is able to hold her own against some seriously talented actresses when thrust into a dangerous fictional environment. That makes her a prime candidate for a trip to Gotham.

14 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in The Change-Up

Olivia Wilde is quickly assembling an intriguing acting resume. She may have started her career by responding to the “cute 20-somethings” call-outs, but in recent years, she has begun to take on a wider variety of roles. One weekend, you’re seeing her as the female lead in a blockbuster, and the next, she's playing a compelling character in a smart niche movie like Her. If there’s one thing she hasn’t had yet, it’s a defining role -- that one movie that puts her name on the tongue of even the most casual of moviegoers.

Catwoman feels like it could be that role for her. To be sure, Wilde has the skills needed to pull the complicated nature of Selina Kyle off. She has that slightly dangerous seductive look about her, and she’s commanding enough of an actress to ensure that you never forget just how lethal her character is.

13 Tuppence Middleton

Tuppence Middleton

If Tuppence Middleton is one of those names that inspires you to do a quick Google search, don’t feel too bad. Indeed, the biggest flaw in Middleton’s acting game has actually been her ability to select the right roles. She stole the show in movies like Trance and Jupiter Ascending, which is kind of a hollow compliment when you consider that the movies themselves weren’t that great. In fact, with the exception of her role in The Imitation Game, Tuppence Middleton really hasn’t had the opportunity to showcase her skills in a quality major release.

Gotham City Sirens could prove to be her chance to change all that. More than just a win for Middleton, the film’s producers would do well to recognize that the capable 29-year-old is more than just a dead ringer for some of the more popular interpretations of Selina Kyle out there; she’s one of those actresses that can disappear into the role and make it her own.

12 Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller in Just Like a Woman

Fun fact: Sienna Miller was once the personal assistant to David Bowie. Maybe that’s where she learned to be so awesome. Miller has that rare breed of natural magnetism that ensures she’s able to capture the attention of nearly everyone that watches her without necessarily needing a compelling performance to do it. Of course, she’s usually good for such a performance anyway. While Miller’s leading roles aren’t always the greatest, she definitely does shine in ensemble casts like the one Bennett Miller assembled for Foxcatcher. (Or, if you’re into topical conversations...exactly the kind of ensemble cast that Gotham City Sirens will likely feature.)

Miller is at her best when she’s playing off her fellow actors, meaning that she will likely excel in a situation that sees her play off two other magnetic characters like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Unless you prefer your Catwoman to be a natural brunette, she’s hard to argue against. At the very least, we know she'd be interested in the role.

11 Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

Don’t look now, but Emily Blunt is on the verge of becoming the best young actress working the American film scene. Blunt’s early years saw her settle into memorable supporting roles in larger movies, such as her work in The Devil Wears Prada and Charlie Wilson’s War, but it’s only recently that she's made the transition into a leading lady. Film fans recognized her tenacity in the brilliant 2015 crime film Sicario, while a broader audience got to see her more vulnerable side in 2016’s The Girl on the Train.

Both of those qualities could be utilized in Gotham City Sirens. Blunt could bring a certain understated element of tragedy to the character of Selina Kyle. She could play her as a villain that may have started her criminal career out of necessity, but quickly realized that she is capable of hanging with the best that the Gotham underworld has to offer.

10 Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton in Byzantium

Gemma Arterton has been set back in recent years by some awful movies that even she couldn’t save. She’s probably best known for her work in such misfires as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Clash of the Titans, and Quantum of Solace. Needless to say, those weren’t exactly the smash hits of their respective summers. Still, there is something inherently compelling about her on-screen presence. She’s able to find just the right look to capture a moment or otherwise use her uniquely commanding voice to steal your attention when necessary.

The similarity of her physical qualities in relation to those of Catwoman’s certainly makes her an obvious candidate for this discussion, but it’s her intangibles that arguably put her over the top. Arterton could enter this role without the baggage of a previous unforgettable role weighing her down, and thereby find herself within the constraints of a leather cat burglar outfit that she was born to slide into.

9 Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion

No, we’re not just cruising the roster of Quantum of Solace for Catwoman candidates. In fact, we’re willing to bet that nobody has watched Quantum of Solace with any kind of meaningful purpose in mind since the film premiered. Model/actress Olga Kurylenko may not have saved that particular movie, but she has been doing a damn fine job in recent years of ensuring that you walk away from everything that she’s in saying, “That one actress did one hell of a job.” When praising the ability of Kurylenko, you have to start with her eyes. She can do more with a look than many actresses can do with a script.

Expressive eyes are always a plus in the world of superhero movies (costumes being the attention seekers they are and all), as is the kind of natural intensity that Kurylenko radiates with the rest of her look. For those who never saw her turn in The November Man -- and let's face it, you probably skipped that one -- just know that Kurylenko is a naturally gifted seductress capable of backing up her most wicked promises.

8 Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz in Youth

A few years ago, when the cast of The Dark Knight Rises was slowly being revealed (aka the “age of hope”), Rachel Weisz’s name came up quite a bit when fans were dream casting the role of Catwoman. It’s one of those casting decisions that just makes more and more sense as you dwell on it. Weisz is not only a stunningly beautiful actress with Selina Kyle-like features, but she’s regularly playing the type of character that falls into the “force to be reckoned with” category. Unfortunately for her, none of these qualities were enough to secure her the role back then.

Now seems like the perfect time to correct that casting oversight, don’t you think? Weisz would lend Catwoman a kind of veteran presence that a slightly younger actress could never hope to contribute. If you’re tagging Catwoman to be the leader of the Sirens, there’s a lot to be said for casting an actress that is able to so naturally assume that role.

7 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron to star in The Grey Man

Then again, if the Gotham City Sirens casting department is going to go the veteran actress route, there are other compelling options out there. Yes, Charlize Theron appears on yet another shortlist of ideal actresses for a role, as she will rightfully continue to do until the end of time. Such is the fate of any talented individual who establishes themselves time and time again as one of the very best of their generation. Given all she's accomplished in her 20+ year career, it's actually pretty incredible that the argument for Theron as Catwoman grew even stronger in 2015, when she stole the show in Mad Max: Fury Road as a bonafide action hero.

Catwoman is far from a carbon copy of Furiosa, but Theron’s turn as the fearsome leader of a band of rebels in a hopeless world isn’t too far removed from what it would take for her to do justice to the deeper elements of Selina Kyle.

6 Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger in The Host

To see Diane Kruger in Inglorious Basterds is to forever love Diane Kruger. While the 40-year-old's career has never suffered a shortage of interesting roles, there’s something about her turn as the incredibly named Bridget von Hammersmark that just sticks to your memory. That role is a pretty good snapshot of Kruger’s greater ability to maximize her screen time through a combination of perfectly delivered pieces of dialog and a physical presence that illuminates her natural star power.

Amusingly enough, she also drew some comparisons to Catwoman recently when she chose to sport a bodysuit that some saw as a more fashionable dead ringer of the one worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. That fashion industry tidbit aside, the wardrobe choice certainly proved that Kruger is able to pull off the necessary look. As for her acting ability…well, that was never really in doubt, now was it?

5 Katie McGrath

Supergirl Lena Luthor Katie McGrath

The calls for Katie McGrath to play Catwoman began long before we knew that the infamous DC antihero was going to be making another film appearance in Gotham City Sirens. They started the moment that some astute film and comic fan recognized that McGrath is about one trip to the costume department away from pretty much being Selina Kyle. McGrath’s still young career has featured a couple of memorable performances already, but the one that really intrigues us is her turn as Lena Luthor on Supergirl.

Yes, that does mean that McGrath technically already has a place in the DC universe. But given the fact that The CW's Arrowverse has been confirmed time and again to be a separate entity from what's going on on the big screen, the 33-year-old should not be counted out from her shot at landing the role of a lifetime in Catwoman. At the end of the day, the ease with which she's been able to put a delightful spin on a morally ambiguous woman of power is a skill that would lend itself well to the character. McGrath may be a dark horse candidate to play Selina, but she's a strong one nonetheless.

4 Eva Green

vanessa ives eva green penny dreadful

Once upon a time, before Selina Kyle was given any true character depth, casting her was really just a matter of finding an uncommonly beautiful actress who could roll her R's when she spoke. Whatever you may think about that particular strategy, there’s no denying that a modern day take on Gotham’s greatest thief needs to be tackled by an actress capable of contributing much more than good looks and an affinity for purring. The role requires someone that is able to pull off the complex character that Catwoman eventually became, rather than the simplistic, attractive thief that she began her run as.

Or, if you’re the kind of person that likes to have it all, you could always satisfy all parties involved and simply cast an actress that brings the whole package to the table. As aesthetically well-suited as Eva Green would obviously be for the role, she would be even better on-screen as she effortlessly summoned the necessary gravitas and wicked playfulness a proper take on Catwoman requires. Frankly, she's kind of a no-brainer.

3 Rooney Mara

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Rooney Mara

Once upon a time, Rooney’s sister Kate actually tried out for the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. As much as we believe that Kate could probably crush it as Selina Kyle, there’s just something about Rooney that makes her a stronger candidate in our eyes. To be certain, Rooney Mara would be a far different type of Catwoman from what we’ve seen before. Her physical build and acting style lend themselves well to a much more damaged take on the character, one that would reflect the likelihood that Selina’s early life did, in fact, leave a few permanent scars.

And maybe a damaged Catwoman is just what we need for the modern age. Rather than simply trot out the tried and true version of the character we've now seen numerous times on screen, the Gotham City Sirens crew could view Mara as their chance to present a take on Catwoman that is a little bit different, but somehow, just right.

2 Thandie Newton

It’s funny to think that Thandie Newton likely wouldn’t have been on the radar of anyone casting the role of Catwoman just a few months ago. For that matter, she might not have been on the radar of many people doing casting of any kind. The true game-changer was her magnetic performance on the HBO hit series, Westworld. As Maeve, Newton showed that her years spent cruising the perimeters of the blockbuster scene may have been slightly wasted time. She is an actress capable of expressing pain, joy, triumph, and heartbreak all at once.

Yet the aspect of Newton’s acting game which makes her such a compelling option here is the way she's able to be so playfully wicked. It’s not quite seduction that she does, but rather a form of sexualized intimidation bolstered by a splash of confidence that removes all doubt regarding who is in control of the situation. That sounds like just the kind of thing the ideal live-action version of Catwoman should be able to do.

1 Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission impossible

Rebecca Ferguson recently remarked that she wants to be able to play a “crack pimping whore” and a Marvel hero with equal enthusiasm. While we're not so sure about upcoming opportunities concerning that first bit, if Ferguson is willing to jump the aisle to the DC side of things, there’s a perfectly good comic book character just waiting for her to snatch up.

As recently as last year, the Stockholm-native was considered a frontrunner to play the MCU's Captain Marvel, but now that that ship has sailed, a trip to the silver screen as Selina Kyle would hardly be a consolation prize. Ferguson is a member of the rare breed of actor that is able to step into an action hero role with readily apparent ease. She’s turned in the kind of memorable dramatic performances that confirm she is much more than a pretty face and a few choreographed moves, but her ability to effortlessly kick so much ass is her greatest quality. After having completely stolen the show in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, we have the utmost confidence in her ability to knock this one clear out of the park.


Who do you think should play Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens? Let us know in the comments.

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