Is 'Gotham Central' the Next DC Comics TV Show After The Flash? [Updated]

[CONFIRMED: A Commissioner Gordon TV Series! CLICK HERE for details!]


Could we be seeing the makings of a shared DC Universe on television? DC/Warner Bros. have already produced a hit television show with The CW’s Arrow, with season 2 set to introduce The Flash as the show's first hero with super powers.

There are already talks of Flash getting his its own spin-off show on the network. So what is next for DC/WB? Rumor has it that Marvel’s Agents of Shield may have some competition down the line, with an adaptation of the popular DC comic, Gotham Central, supposedly in development.

In a recent interview with USA Today, comic book writer Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Y the Last Man) mentioned that an adaptation of his gritty cop series set in Gotham City (a.k.a. the home of Batman) was rumored to be in development.

“Every season, I wait to see if they're going to announce something like that, and just a couple of months ago there was some article in the Hollywood Reporter about them supposedly developing it. I haven't heard any confirmation on it or anything. You can easily see it.”

He mentions the growing popularity of the book since the success of The Dark Knight Trilogy. He also talks about how Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, and the failure of the Birds of Prey television series halted discussions of a Gotham Central adaptation.

“The book is actually more popular now than when we were doing it. There's been talk of Gotham Central on TV since when we were doing the comic even (in the mid-2000s). Everyone at Warner Bros. really loved it. Chris Nolan after they did Birds of Prey had asked them to just please not do any Batman-related stuff until he was done with his trilogy — looking at Birds of Prey, you can see why. It was not the world's greatest pilot.”

With the success of Arrow, and the announcement of a Flash TV series, DC has already laid the groundwork for a shared television universe. The only way DC and Warner could compete with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is by integrating both the film and television universes together. Marvel has already beat DC to this by creating Agents of Shield, but they still have the opportunity to use the characters created in Arrow and The Flash and bring them into the Justice League. A Gotham Central series would only make the DC universe bigger, and would create an opportunity for the newly-casted Batman to make a television appearance at some point (if only as an actor in a Batman suit, and not Ben Affleck).

While this is only still a rumor, we may not see Gotham Central on television anytime soon. You will, however, be able to see another one of Brubaker’s stories on the big screen - namely Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, an adaptation of a comic book storyline Brubaker created.


We'll keep you updated about status of a Gotham Central storyline as more news develops.

Source: USA Today

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