Gotham Gives Bruce A New Love Interest in 'A Day in the Narrows'

Now that Bruce is no longer a vigilante, he's once again looking for love in next week's Gotham. While Gotham has ostensibly been about James Gordon's mission to clean up the corrupted GCPD and the town it fails to protect, it's quietly been serving as an origin story for some of the city's most notorious villains. We've seen the rise of the Riddler, the Penguin, and even Catwoman to some extent. Along the way, dozens of other smaller character have emerged, with this season adding Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, and Professor Pyg to the list.

All of these villains have posed a problem for Gordon and, occasionally, a few other cops. But they've also slowly pushed Bruce Wayne towards his destiny of becoming Batman. The first few episodes of this season brought that concept to the forefront by turning Bruce into a costume-wearing vigilante, before pumping the breaks last week. And while he'll likely be back in the action soon, the immediate future will see Bruce attempt to live a normal life. But as any superhero fan knows, that rarely lasts long.

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FOX released the trailer for next week's Gotham, 'A Day in the Narrow,' which brings Bruce back after his absence this week. When he returns, he'll be struggling to get ahold of his dark side. He'll also meet a potential new love interest in a former friend named Grace (newcomer Samia Finnerty). While Bruce seems like he'll always hold a candle for Selina, and vice versa, the two will be on the outs for the time being. And though Bruce has retired his mask, the trailer shows Selina is just getting comfortable with hers.

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

Due to their age and interconnection, we've seen Selina grow into her comic book destiny as much as Bruce. Now that she's running with Tabitha and Barbara, the Sirens are slowly becoming a reality. Selina is also looking more and more like Catwoman every episode.

The trailer also makes it clear that Professor Pyg's arc isn't over. Though Scarecrow seems to have taken some time off, despite promises that he'd serve as a foe for Bruce, Michael Cerveris' creepy take on Pyg will be plaguing Gotham. With his quest to kill corrupt cops, the character has a sinister edge to him that makes him something of an anti-hero. Naturally, his method's aren't to be condoned, but it's interesting how many of Gotham's would-be protectors are just as evil as the city's villains.

Despite the deranged nature of Professor Pyg, he's certainly added a certain flair to the series. It also seems he'll be allowing Gotham to cut loose a bit, as a Professor Pyg musical number has been promised to fans. Gotham has always walked a line between campy and grounded, and its fourth season has been stronger the more its leaned into the pulpy nature of the world.

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Gotham continues next Thursday with 'A Day in the Narrows' on FOX.

Source: FOX

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