Gotham Season 3: New Look At Bruce Wayne's Doppelganger

Fox's Jim Gordon-centric Batman prequel series Gotham arguably made some significant improvements in its second season, and therefore fan anticipation surrounding the show's third chapter is continuing to build in the run up to the September premiere. The season two finale episode, "Transference," ended with a truck load of Professor Hugo Strange's super-powered test subjects emptying out onto the streets of Gotham City after the vehicle crashed. Subsequently, a glut of potential villains for season three were introduced, including a returning Jerome Valeska, who may or may not be a young Joker.

Perhaps the most intriguing new threat however, was a Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) doppelganger. The clone stepped off the bus and, in Bruce Wayne's typical gentlemanly fashion, thanked the woman who had aided his escape before trotting off into the distance. Though the doppelganger looked exactly like his counterpart in that scene, new images suggest that Copy-Bruce will be undergoing somewhat of a makeover at some point in season three.

The image, which can be viewed below, was posted on the official Gotham Twitter account and shows a dramatically different looking version of the clone, sporting an long, unkempt hairstyle and a black jacket decorated with numerous zippers. Copy-Bruce is also not alone. Seen alongside him are two, as yet unnamed, characters whose attire suggests they also came out of Professor Strange's Fun Bus after it crashed. Both characters have silvery upright hair, and given the visual similarities between them, could perhaps be twins, or indeed another set of doppelgangers.

This handsome fellow returns to an all-new #Gotham in THREE WEEKS.

— Gotham (@Gotham) August 29, 2016

Given what viewers have seen of Bruce's doppelganger so far, it wasn't clear whether the character would be on the side of good or evil. However the wild new hair and black outfit (assuming Gotham City isn't having an Edward Scissorhands convention) seems to indicate that the Bruce copy will be more of a villain than his crime-fighting counterpart, and given what we know about Strange's experiments, this is the more likely scenario. As for the two other figures in the picture, their odd hair styling suggests some sort of superpower or ability will be on the cards and there is a definite sense that Copy-Bruce could be the de facto leader of the trio.

Doppelganger storylines are often tricky ground for T.V. shows and Gotham needs to be careful the arc doesn't outstay its welcome, especially since they pulled the same trick with Jim Gordon towards the end of season two. Mistaken identity plots can sometimes be frustrating for fans and you can more or less predict that at some point, poor Alfred will have to figure out which of the two is the real Bruce. The doppelganger does, however, have a distinct look which hopefully implies the character will have a unique entity, rather than simply be a carbon copy of the original Bruce Wayne.

Whether the arc is successful or not may largely hinge on David Mazouz's acting chops, and in all probability fans will be more eagerly looking forward to the introduction of Mad Hatter, the new Poison Ivy and the return of Jerome. With all those villains lined up, as well as the resurrected Fish Mooney and Gotham veterans Penguin and The Riddler, could the series be overreaching itself in terms of the old 'too-many-villains' pitfall? Or will the new characters freshen up a show which has at times been in danger of repeating itself?

Gotham season 3 premieres 19th September on Fox.

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