Gotham: David Mazouz on Playing Bruce Wayne's Doppelganger

David Mazouz in Gotham Season 3

Among all the comic book adaptations on television right now, and there are a lot of them, only one can say they feature arguably the most popular character of all time - Bruce Wayne. Fox's hit origin series Gotham will be returning for a third season this fall, and by the way the sophomore season ended, there looks to be no shortage of chaos brewing in the crime-ridden city.

The second season saw Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon trying to figure out what Hugo Strange had going on in Arkham Asylum. Of course, the audience knew that Strange was performing all kinds of experiments at Indian Hill that included the reanimation of characters like Theo Galavan (who became Gotham's take on Azrael), Fish Mooney, and Clayface. But that's not all. There is literally a busload of other characters from Indian Hill who are now on the loose in Gotham. One of those is played by David Mazouz, the actor who portrays the young Bruce Wayne.

In an interview with Comic Book David Mazouz sat down to discuss the upcoming season of Gotham, and what it is like portraying both Bruce Wayne and his doppelganger. When asked which character was most fun to play, Mazouz explains:

"[I]n terms of fun, definitely the doppelganger has been more fun to play. I don’t want to give too much away, but this character is nothing like Bruce Wayne."

David Mazouz and Chris Chalk in Gotham

On how he went about playing a character so different than Bruce, but that looks exactly the same, Mazouz stated that it was initially difficult “[f]iguring out what to do, because I didn’t want to overdo it, but I wanted to have a strong distinction between Bruce and this other character." It appears he got the hang of it, and even let on that Bruce will share scenes with his look-alike. "And that was weird. I played both roles against myself more than once, and it was weird, really weird. You'll see!"

While it certainly sounds like there will be an interesting dichotomy between Bruce and his doppelganger, very little is known about who the character will be. The most likely candidate is Lincoln March due to his connection to the Court of Owls, an organization that will be featured prominently in season 3. Another possibility is Thomas Wayne Jr., who like March, has been called Owlman. With resurrection and the list of fantastical villains already announced for season 3, Bruce having a tucked away brother may not be that far-fetched.

No matter who Bruce Wayne's doppelganger is, season 3 is shaping up to be one heck of ride. With villains like Killer Croc, Mad-Hatter, and Solomon Grundy already confirmed, and plenty others left to explore, Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, and the GCPD are going to have their hands full. It also does not sound like we will have to wait long to see Bruce and his doppelganger appear together, as at the time of Mazouz's interview, Gotham season 3 was only six episodes into shooting.

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Gotham season 3 will premiere on Monday, September 19th at 8pm on FOX.

Source: Comic Book

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