Gotham's Batman Finally Rises in Series Finale Poster


Take a look at this brand new Gotham series finale poster that heralds the arrival of the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Gotham's original mission statement was to act as a prequel to the Batman story and focus on the early career of Commissioner Jim Gordon. With each passing season however, Gotham's version of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) has inched closer to the superhero viewers know he will eventually become. The teenager has trained under his butler Alfred, took a few lessons from the League of Shadows and has donned a black rubber suit (without the Bat influence) to take on some minor criminals.

Gotham's currently running season 5 is confirmed to be its last, and recent episodes have demonstrated Bruce's keen ability in hand-to-hand combat and his intelligence regularly outpaces that of the adults in the room. It's time for the build-up to pay off and for Bruce to finally emerge as the Caped Crusader. Previous announcements have confirmed that at least part of Gotham's final episode will take the form of a flashforward, in which comic-accurate versions of the show's cast will be seen. Penguin will be fat, Jim Gordon will have a mustache and Bruce Wayne will be Batman. However, it has also been revealed that the final version of the iconic superhero of Batman won't be entirely played by Mazouz.

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In anticipation of that long-awaited final episode, Fox's official Twitter account has released a brand new poster showing the familiar rear profile of the show's Batman - pointy ears and all. Featuring the tagline "The Dark Knight is upon us," the poster showcases a little of Mazouz's Batsuit, as his now grown-up superhero surveys Gotham City from above.

Gotham Finale Poster Batman

Gotham's showrunner previously revealed that their Batsuit design would, like the current season as a whole, be heavily influenced by Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Certainly, there's elements of Christian Bale's final costume in this image, in particular the cowl, but it could also be said that this design is more of a classic take, with some Tim Burton-era influence thrown in.

While Bruce Wayne's growth in Gotham is almost complete, there are a few gaps in the narrative that Gotham needs to address before it goes "full Batman." Firstly, Bruce Wayne has merely dabbled in vigilantism and viewers have yet to see why he decides to devote his life to fighting crime. Secondly, there has been no mention thus far of Bruce Wayne's Bat obsession in Gotham - no falling into the Batcave or using the image to strike fear into criminals. Mazouz's suits up to this point have been entirely devoid of Bat features and it would certainly be interesting to see how and why that changes. With only two episodes left however, time is certainly running short.

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Gotham continues with "They Did What?" April 18th on Fox.

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