Gotham Star Erin Richards to Direct Series’ 100th Episode

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean in Gotham

Gotham star Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) will be directing the show's 100th episode. The Batman prequel first aired on FOX back in 2014, running for four seasons before it was announced the fifth would be its last. Season 5 is set to premiere in January 2019 and will be the show’s shortest with just twelve episodes.

Season 5’s run may be short but it’s already looking to be an exciting one. The showrunners are packing as much as they can into the final year. The season will introduce more characters from Batman’s Rogues Gallery, including Orphan and the first live-action Magpie. One of the biggest villains to be terrorizing the streets of Gotham is Bane, who will be played by Shane West. One question for the upcoming season is whether the show will at last get its Joker. While the Valeska twins are certainly Joker-esque, the show has yet to officially call either one the Joker. But a deleted post hinted of the inclusion of a Joker origin story. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) will have their hands full during the final episodes.

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For longtime fans of the show, they can now look forward to the 100th episode being helmed by one of Gotham’s own. The announcement came on Richards’ Instagram, where she also revealed the episodes title, “The Trial of Jim Gordon.” The actress expressed her excitement and love of the show she’s been a part of for five years.

Richards isn’t the only Gotham star to have a hand in the episode’s creation. “The Trial of Jim Gordon” will be written by none other than Gordon himself, Ben McKenzie. McKenzie has already directed a number of episodes and is now adding writer to his CV. Episode #512 is to be the final one produced, making its creation all the more emotional for those involved.

With the end of Gotham in sight, fans will be waiting to see how the show wraps up its plots and finally turns the young Bruce Wayne into Batman. Viewers will get to see what befalls the city as the finale will include a ten-year time jump, complete with more references to the show’s source material. Giving a series a proper sendoff is a daunting task. Richards and McKenzie are undoubtedly feeling the pressure. But having a hand in Gotham’s final run, especially for a new director, will be thrilling as well. Hopefully, episode 100 will be as exciting for fans as it is for the cast and crew.

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