25 Memes That Show Gossip Girl Makes No Sense

The days of Gossip Girl may have come and gone, but the former CW hit show remains one of the most important teen dramas of our time. Inspired by the novel series with the same name, written by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl tells endless stories of New York’s richest private students, as they try to navigate friendships, relationships, and their often crazy families. All the while their lives are narrated by a gossip blogger whose sole purpose is to keep the drama alive.

While it all starts with Serena van der Woodsen coming back to town after an unexplained absence, the scandals didn’t stop there. The first season alone dealt with taboos that shocked parents' groups. As the years went by, the show went to several dark places, gracing very difficult subjects, but one thing the series never lacked was drama, no matter how over-the-top or nonsensical it seems. At some point, every Gossip Girl viewer must have wondered what was going on.

It is difficult to denounce that the most obvious plot hole of the series is the actual identity of the ominous Gossip Girl, but there are too many moments throughout the whole series that are either too illogical, or too ridiculous to ignore.

Join us on a fabulous ride down memory lane with 25 Gossip Girl Memes That Show It Makes No Sense.

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25 Ridin' Dirty

The Gossip Girl pilot is iconic. It is difficult not to think of the beautiful Upper East Side when listening to Peter, Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”, or of that first reunion between Serena and Blair to the sound of Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around”. Right from the start, we are led to believe that these kids whose world we enter are filthy rich. They join their parents for social outings, black tie not optional, and of course, they attend private school.

It is therefore a truly baffling moment when we see Chuck and Nate make their way to said private school by public transportation. They do not even take the subway, like real New Yorkers probably would, but they board a germ-infested bus.

24 Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous

In addition to leading incredibly glamorous lives, the children of the Upper East side also get away with things that no one else remotely would. Not only do they seem to be intoxicated during school hours, they also regularly enjoy going out where they dance the night away and throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

In reality, things are a bit more difficult for underage New Yorkers, who would have to jump through hoops to even get into most nightclubs.

Serena, Blair, and company are meant to be sixteen or seventeen, and despite their elitist and privileged lifestyle it is highly unlikely for them to spend most of their weekends in bars and clubs – of course all while maintaining their 4.0 GPAs.

23 Bye Bye Cell Phone

After being introduced to the core characters of the show in the pilot, the first episode also introduces the main point of conflict: Serena stole Blair’s boyfriend, Nate. Blair’s obvious anger leads to escalation, and by episode two, Blair outs Serena’s secret to all their friends, including the only new friend Serena made, Dan.

Serena, properly humiliated and friendless once again, does the only thing that helps in such situations and goes for a walk to clear her head. What she does next has to be the most outrageously bourgeois thing to happen on television: as she looks through old pictures on her phone she decides to leave the past behind and promptly throws her good little LG phone in the trash. It must be a rich people thing.

22 Part Of That World

Vanessa Abrams is likely the most polarizing Gossip Girl character throughout the whole series, and for good reason. We first meet Vanessa as a close friend of the Humphreys from Brooklyn, and she is as far removed from the Upper East Side as one can be. After all, she doesn’t even attend the private school that Nate, Blair, and company frequent.

Throughout the series, she continuously tries to worm her way into their midst, either through dating one of their own or befriending them.

She also seems to despise everything the Upper East Side stands for. She repeatedly tells Dan that the UES is toxic, fake, and horrible, but Vanessa can’t seem to stand to not be a part of it.

21 The Parent Trap

Lily van der Woodsen was never going to win any mother-of-the-year awards, but some of her parenting methods were really, really questionable. After all, the first thing we learn about her is that she kept her teenage son hidden in a mental institution -- not the best judgement.

In season two, Gabriel tries to charm his way into Serena’s life, and her family’s bank account. When Serena tries to handle the situation herself, her mother steps in to teach her a lesson. To make sure that Serena would listen to her mother’s advice in the future, she sends her daughter to jail for theft – for stealing an item that she herself had gifted her with. Classic Lily!

20 Daddy Issues

One of the very first storylines in season one of Gossip Girl revolves around Nate’s relationship with Blair. The two have been together for years and it seems like they are on track for marriage.

With the two families being close as well, it seems like the perfect union -- to everyone but Nate, that is.

Back in season one, Nate is clearly infatuated with Serena, and the only reason he initially stays with Blair is because his father forces him to. Howard Archibald is afraid to lose his business deal with the Waldorfs, should Nate and Blair break up. Surely business deals shouldn’t be easily influenced by the romance of two teenagers, at least if the adults had acted maturely.

19 Guess Who's Back... Back Again

The Georgina we love to hate has always been a manipulative, cunning vixen. She first appears in season one to bring Serena back to the dark side of life, by partying through the night. She is also more often than not the criminal mastermind behind the most devious of plans, and definitely the one to turn to for a takedown.

After her stint against Serena in season one, she is sent to a boot camp for troubled girls by her parents, which turns out to be a religious camp. A reformed Georgina then returns to the Upper East Side, that is at least until the series seems to run out of bad guys. Throughout the last few seasons, whenever the villain-of-the-week seems to get too boring, Georgina is brought back to stir up some trouble.

18 That Trophy Life

Rufus Humphrey is first introduced as Dan and Jenny’s unrealistically handsome dad, who is also a musician, and loves waffles more than his kids. However, the audience quickly learns that he has a secret past with Serena’s mother, and the two eventually rekindle their romance – several times.

Throughout the series, Rufus claims to be a successful musician, and at some point runs an art gallery in Brooklyn, but his career never seems to truly go somewhere.

After marrying Lily van der Woodsen, he kind of lets himself go. He doesn’t have to worry about money for one, and he doesn’t really seem to want to further his career. It is rather refreshing to see a role reversal, after all.

17 Climbing The Ladder

While Rufus may be happy being a trophy husband, Nate Archibald does not enjoy such a lenient life style. After completing high school and spending a summer backpacking through Europe with Vanessa, Nate returns to New York to try his hand at college. He attends Columbia with Blair throughout season four, but after that season it is kind of left ambiguous what happened to his education, and whether he ever even graduated.

Either way, as season five continues their stories, Nate finds himself in L.A., where he meets Diana, who offers him a job at her newspaper The Spectator. Half a season later, Diana is forced to resign over a scandal involving Gossip Girl’s sources, and Nate takes over as editor-in-chief.

16 We Are Family

Throughout the first season, Dan and Serena are programmed to be the one couple that everyone roots for. The lonely boy from Brooklyn and the broken princess of the Upper East Side - it is almost too much to handle. Sadly, throughout the series, it becomes crystal clear that the two of them may work on paper, but not in reality. Serena is too flaky and irresponsible for Dan, while Dan is too judgmental for Serena, and they would never work in the long run.

Their relationship becomes even more complicated when they find out that they actually share a brother.

In season three, Scott, the illegitimate child of Lily and Rufus, worms his way into the family through befriending Vanessa, and taking guitar lessons from his dad. Sharing a brother definitely puts a damper on all romantic activities.

15 O' Brother, Where Art Thou?

While on the topic of Scott, audiences first learn that Lily has an illegitimate child in the second season through a PI hired by her then-husband Bart Bass. After learning about his son, Rufus tries to find him in Boston, to no avail.

Scott appears at the end of season two and starts to get closer to Vanessa. By season three, he has found his way into the Humphrey’s lives, at least until Dan involves Georgina to find out more about the mysterious man by Vanessa’s side. It is then, on Rufus and Lily’s wedding day, that Scott reveals his true identity: he is their son.

After the massive build up and the tear-jerking reveal it is even more shocking to learn that after that, Scott never returned again. Not once - not even for Serena and Dan’s wedding, where he would be the guest of the hour.

14 Baby Who?

In season three of Gossip Girl, Blair believes her mother to be pregnant, but it is actually her loyal, trustworthy housemaid, Dorota, who is with child. Dorota’s pregnancy turns into a long-winded story arc throughout the whole season. After encouraging her friend to tell the father of the baby, Blair decides to throw Dorota and Vanya a glorious wedding. In the season finale, Dorota’s water breaks just as Blair is about to reunite with Chuck.

If audiences expected to be introduced to the newborn, they were about to be disappointed.

Dorota disappeared for most of season four, only to return in the premiere episode of season five, pregnant with her second child. A child that, once again, we don’t really ever get to see.

13 The End Of A Character

Nate was intended to be the male lead of Gossip Girl, but after a mere two seasons in the limelight, his story lines have taken a dark turn. Initially portrayed as the son unwilling to follow in his parents’ footsteps, Nate eventually did just that and his character regressed into nothingness.

By season three, his sole purpose was to become a romantic partner for female guest stars who needed introduction to the series, and the list of names is long: Bree Buckley, Juliet Sharp, Raina Thorpe, Lola Rhodes, Diana Payne, etc. The women that Nate Archibald has dated, while not doing much else on the show, reads like a "who's who" of forgettable side characters that never amounted to anything.

12 Too Cool For School

Chuck Bass was never the type of guy to work hard for the things he wants. Like a true rich kid, he expected things to fall into his lap – women, money, power. When his father passed away unexpectedly in season two, he inherits the billion-dollar company Bart Bass built.

While Chuck stumbles and falls several times on his way to becoming the CEO of Bass Industries, he still manages to eventually take over the position.

While his business tactics often lack morale, and are based in emotions rather than logic, the company manages to stay afloat. The question is "How?" Chuck barely managed to finish high school, never attended college, and certainly did not graduate with a degree in business.

11 Gossip Girl's Go-To Victim

For the entire run of the series, the titular Gossip Girl has been tormenting our main character, Serena van der Woodsen, in tremendous ways. Not only did we have to suffer through the terrible reveal that Dan actually was Gossip Girl, but we also have to use the remaining two lines of logic to reconcile the fact that he was in love with Serena.

This whole time, the person who has dragging Serena's name through the mud, making her the headline of the Upper East Side's dirty gossip, is the same person who is deeply in love with her. Honestly, it doesn't seem as though Serena should forgive Dan for such behavior, but considering the show has ended with their marriage, it's beyond clear that she has.

10 Bye Felicia

If Vanessa was a polarizing character, Dan and Blair was the relationship equivalent -- audiences either loved or hated them. From the start, Dan Humphrey was described as a man who follows his heart, rather than his head. When Serena tells him at Blair’s wedding that she is in love with him for the umpteenth time, that is exactly what he does.

Dan listens to his heart, promptly ignoring her proclamation of love, and instead jumps in to save Blair, who asks him to help her escape her wedding.

In addition to having developed feelings for Blair over the last year, Serena was also Dan’s step-sister at the moment, with Rufus and Lily happily married. It surely makes for an awkward dinner table.

9 A Family Affair

Ivy Dickens first appears on the Upper East Side as Charlie Rhodes, pretending to be Serena’s long-lost cousin. As she gets closer to the van der Woodsens, and pretending to be mentally unstable, we learn that she was actually an actress hired by Lily’s sister Carol, to get hold of the family trust fund. She is successful, and is even able to con her way into the heart of the family matriarch CeCe Rhodes, who leaves her whole inheritance to Ivy.

For a while, Ivy even lives in the van der Woodsen apartment and promptly kicks out the whole family, surely as a thank you for their kindness over the last year. Eventually, Ivy is tricked into leaving the UES and she finds a home with Rufus Humphrey in Brooklyn.

8 Road To Redemption

Chuck Bass is many things, but a good guy is not one of them. The first time the character is introduced, he tries to force himself on two women in the span of one episode -- and then he's treated like a romantic lead. Throughout the series, he continues his immoral ways by trading his girlfriend for real estate property, or by continuously terrorizing and intimidating the people around him to get what he wants.

Everything changed once Chuck gets a dog in season five -- Monkey comes into his life after he once again lost Blair to another man.

Once Chuck takes over the responsibility for the pup, it seems like all of his previous mishaps are forgiven and forgotten. If only it was that easy in real life.

7 The Imitation Game

The mystery blogger behind the famous Gossip Girl website has to be the biggest nuisance in the lives of the Upper East Side kids. After all, the website and its frequent mobile blasts publish secrets, lies, and rumors that have cost Blair, Serena, and the rest of the gang relationships all around.

Yet the website itself seems to be the kind of enigma that the wealthy privileged kids want to take on. After Georgina is revealed to have been Gossip Girl, at least temporarily, Serena receives a package from her that includes all the information on how to take over. Instead of taking the chance to do the sensible thing and disband the whole operation, Serena becomes Gossip Girl and starts to torture those around her.

6 New Phone, Who This?

Gossip Girl started with both Nate and Blair -- the high school sweethearts were inseparable, and had planned their whole lives around each other and their relationship.

While that may have been a bit premature, considering Nate was certainly not quite done playing the field, there was never a question that they would be in each other’s lives.

When Blair marries Louis in season five and is stuck in a loveless marriage through the power of a contract and a dowry, it seems odd that one of her closest friends since childhood simply ignores the whole situation.

Sure, Nate had been degraded to guest star status already by then, but a little call surely would have been nice.

5 Like Father, Like Son

Chuck Bass is the gift that keeps on giving. In season four, he returns from his time in Paris with a pretty blonde on his arm that many will recognize from the Harry Potter movies. Eva Coupeau seems to be everything Chuck could possibly want and need, and she actually did make him a better version of himself for a while -- even if their relationship started on a lie. Chuck told Eva his name was Henry Prince.

Jump ahead to the series finale and the audience learns that Chuck has married Blair and the two of them have an adorable little son – named Henry. If lying to Eva about who he was wasn’t bad enough, Chuck also made it a point to keep his fake name around for a while. It makes us wonder how Chuck pitched that name to Blair.

4 Humdrum Humphrey

Regardless of whether you liked Dan and Blair romantically, it is undeniable that they had a wonderful blossoming friendship. They went from polar opposites in season one, to civilly tolerating each other’s company in season three, and getting to really know each other in season four, confiding in each other in season five.

Despite their difference in social background, the two of them share many interests and had a great dynamic.

Blair suddenly decided to turn her back on Dan and went back to treating him like he is mere scum in season six.

After developing a friendship based on mutual trust and understanding, it was incredibly frustrating to see Blair regress in such a radical way for the series’ final episodes.

3 Will They, Won't They x2

If there has ever been a serial dater on television, it is probably Serena van der Woodsen. Apart from Nate, she might have dated the most guest stars on the series, but there were only ever two serious relationships that captured the audience’s attention. One of them is the previously discussed relationship with Dan, and the other is the one she shared with Nate.

From the beginning, it seems that Serena has trouble deciding between the two men, changing between them rather frequently.

This wouldn’t be as much of a problem, if she wasn’t so intent on proclaiming her undying love for Dan any chance she gets. If it was meant to be, surely Serena would not have had such problems choosing between the two men.

2 Miss Know-It-All

In the series finale of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey returns to the Upper East Side after a few years away in Europe to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. In the episode it is revealed that, in the future, she works with Eleanor Waldorf. She also had another little secret.

Little J has known the real identity of Gossip Girl for a long time.

It seems highly unlikely, considering she turned to the gossip medium several times to reveal her brother’s deepest darkest secrets, or has sent in a rumor or two that could have seriously hurt his relationships. There is also little to no evidence throughout the whole series that Jenny ever thought her brother was behind the website in question.

1 You Know You Love Me

Gossip Girl is not, as many believed, Blair’s trusted maid Dorota, or a total stranger played by Kristen Bell (who so beautifully voiced the character for six years), but it is actually Dan Humphrey. The Dan Humphrey who was humiliated by the blogger time and time again, and whose secrets were exposed for everyone to see. It is the most pitiful of all Gossip Girl plot holes, as it is the most powerful.

The reveal changed everything, from every single relationship Dan has ever had to his own character. He used to be the loner from Brooklyn, but after the reveal he turned into a total psychopath. There are many moments throughout the show that prove he could not have been the gossip blogger, such as the one depicted in the meme.


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