10 Gossip Girl Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

There may be a reboot of Gossip Girl coming soon, but fans of the New York-based teen drama will always want to watch re-runs of the original. There's just something about the story of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), her equally beautiful and fashionable and wealthy best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), and their family and friends. Whether they're coming up with grand plans or just hanging out, we want to watch them.

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TV fans can rejoice that there is literally a meme for everything and anything. We're super thankful that there are lots of memes about this great show. Here 10 Gossip Girl memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Those Puns

It's always great when a TV show is known for its clever wordplay, and that's exactly what happens in every single episode of Gossip Girl. The characters definitely don't speak like actual teenagers, which some might find frustrating, but no one can argue with the fact that it's funny and entertaining.

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Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair have a pretty complicated relationship throughout the six seasons that GG aired for. It takes them forever to admit their true emotions and most of the time, Blair seems incredibly upset with him and his behavior. Her "Bassectomy" comment is too hilarious for words, making this an amazing meme.

9 That Twist Was Crazy

If you're going to create a Gossip Girl meme, you're going to have to talk about Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) being Gossip Girl. The series finale twist was wild and it's still something that fans debate because a lot of people weren't happy about this conclusion.

This meme is too hilarious for words since not only is the subject matter fun for fans of the show, but the characters' facial expressions are too great. From Blair laughing to Serena looking pensive to Chuck laughing, it's enough to make us nostalgic for this teen show.

8 Chuck And Blair Are Goals

How many times have we looked at a favorite TV couple and thought, "If only we had their relationship?" While many people might not want to follow the exact path that Chuck and Blair have taken, since they have faced a lot of wild drama along the way, it's fair to say that they are pretty adorable in their own way.

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When a meme can combine someone not texting us back and Chuck and Blair, we're going to say it's too hilarious for words.

7 We'll Always Have Paris

Many people subscribe to the notion that Paris is the most romantic place in the world. And many people dream of going there.

When the fourth season starts, Serena and Blair have been in the lovely city of Paris for the summer season, and it's just as fabulous as fans would imagine. This funny meme alludes to that time and makes a very good point. Blair's quote about sadness being better in the City of Lights is so true.

6 Resting Blair Face

One of the best things about Blair is that she's not scared to speak her mind or show her emotions all over her face. She doesn't have a poker face, that's for sure.

If we can relate to that and we wear our feelings across our own faces, then we've probably made the same face that she's making in this meme. Blair's ability to get annoyed at the drop of the hat is so great.

5 That's Actually A Good Point

This meme is hilarious and also makes a really smart point about the ending of Gossip Girl. While it might seem romantic that Dan and Serena end up together and get married, it is pretty weird that he was Gossip Girl all along... and yet she still goes ahead with their wedding.

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In real life, if someone was embarrassing us and insulting us in such a public forum, we probably wouldn't rush to stay with them or marry them. Just saying.

4 Dessert Is The Best

When a meme can take a smart quote from a favorite TV show and apply it to something relatable, we're on board. And we're on board with this Gossip Girl meme that talks about another one of our favorite things: dessert.

Everyone should always save room for an after-dinner treat, and honestly, there's really no such thing as "being too full" to enjoy some chocolate cake or a donut. It's just not a thing.

3 That Vanessa

Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) is definitely an interesting character on Gossip Girl. An old pal of Dan's, she has more in common with him than the wealthy kids that they take classes with, and she's more Brooklyn cool than Upper East Side rich chic.

But... she does seem to spend a lot of time with the kids she claims to hate, which is why this is such a funny meme. It describes Vanessa perfectly. We all know people like this who will complain about someone or something... but spend a lot of hours wasting their energy.

2 Putting The Gossip In Gossip Girl

While this show is about friendship and love and growing up (and fabulous fashion), it's also about gossip and how mean people can be to one another. That makes this a totally great meme that is too hilarious for words.

Sure, we know that gossiping is a bad thing to do... but it can be tough to hear a piece of information and not pass it along, especially when it's particularly juicy. Everyone is guilty of doing that sometimes.

1 Waffles With Rufus

Gossip Girl fans know that Taylor Momsen, the actress who played Jenny Humphrey, was off the show after season four. She totally transformed herself, started dressing in much darker clothing, and started making music.

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This meme is too hilarious for words and shows how different the actors playing Dan and Jenny look now that the series is over. Penn Badgley's rocking colorful hair and a scruffy beard, and Taylor Momsen's got black eyeliner and a leather jacket on. It definitely must be the absence of those waffle breakfasts with their dad Rufus (Matthew Settle).

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