15 Things That Made No Sense About Gossip Girl

Things That Make No Sense About Gossip Girl

You know you love it, but Gossip Girl went through several peaks in its six seasons. By the time the last episode aired, everyone knew the show had lived well past its sell-by date and needed to end. Still, it was an entertaining journey filled with quirky characters, memorable music, and unforgettable fashion sense.

Speaking to Vanity Fair about the show, Blake Lively (who portrayed Serena van der Woodsen) said, "It didn't really feel like acting as much. It felt like we were in the center of a marketing machine, a cultural pop phenomenon.

We were creating three episodes at once sometimes, we were given our lines at the very last minute, we didn't know where our characters were going; there was no planning or arc. It almost felt like a sketch show."

It's interesting that Lively mentioned there was no planning or arc, since there were more than a few things that didn't make sense about the show.

Now, we're not talking about the odd plot hole here and there, but the actual bigger moments and decisions that remain major WTFs. Surely, a story editor must've had some foresight here, right?

With that said, here are the 15 Things That Made No Sense About Gossip Girl.

15 The Charlotte Rhodes Saga

Ivy Dickens in Gossip Girl

We can all agree that the whole Ivy Dickens-Charlotte Rhodes saga was one of the dumbest angles on Gossip Girl.

It felt like something out of The Bold and the Beautiful and resulted in an equally stupid storyline.

Why? Well, the characters in the series had an obsession with the internet, so why hadn't anyone searched for 'Charlotte Rhodes' to see what she looked like beforehand?

Also, when Ivy masqueraded as Charlie, she had coffee with Serena who laughed about the time they'd spent on Lily's ex's yacht years before. When Lola appeared on the scene, though, she insisted she'd never met or knew about the van der Woodsens. What?

This is confusing. Did they or didn't they meet? This whole thing reeks of a soap opera plot gone wrong.

14 William Van Der Woodsen's Alma Mater

William Van Der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey in Gossip Girl

William van der Woodsen was a shady guy. He first appeared in season three and it's safe to say that none of his plans were ever for the benefit of anyone else but him.

Honestly, it's still a tragedy that Lily ended up with this conman at the end of the series.

In another display of how the van der Woodsen lies can't keep track of themselves, Serena tells Dan that her father went to Harvard University but then tells Blair he went to Columbia.

Look, considering William is a doctor, it's possible he could've gone to both universities. There's also the possibility that he lied about being a doctor, too, since we don't trust a single word that comes out of this charlatan's mouth.

13 Chuck's First Time

Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

To say that Chuck Bass had a fruitful love life would be the understatement of the century. Throughout the six seasons of the show, he ploughed through an insurmountable amount of partners and there were references to many more.

In fact, we'd suggest that Chuck head off to the clinic and make sure he didn't pick up anything along the way.

However, there's the possibility that Chuck could be lying right through that gap in his front teeth. Speaking about his first time on two occasions, his story changed. In one episode he said it was with Georgina Sparks. In another, he mentioned an Italian au pair.

So, which is it, Chuck? If he lied about that, there's a good chance he could've made up a lot of other stories about his conquests.

12 Lily's Changing Eye Color

Lily in Gossip Girl

Now, this one is just plain lazy. In regular continuity, Lily had hazel eyes – like the actress Kelly Rutherford who portrayed her.

However, in the flashback episode titled "Valley Girls", the younger Lily is portrayed by Brittany Snow who has bright blue eyes. How Lily's eyes magically changed color we'll never know...

We're not sure if the showrunners knew about this, but colored contact lenses were a thing back then and they could've easily sorted out this issue by having Snow wear lenses.

Sure, it's not a major detail, but it's a jarring one when you first realize it.

Sadly this wasn't the only continuity mistake that "Valley Girls" created. It makes you wonder if the producers regret this episode ever being made in the first place.

11 Is Chuck's Mother Alive Or Dead?

Diana Payne and Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

Apart from the true identity of Gossip Girl, the other biggest mystery on the show was the curious case of Chuck's mother.

From Elizabeth Fisher to Diana Payne, Chuck was fooled by everyone as he searched for the truth about his mama.

Even when the show came to an end, the poor little rich boy was no closer to finding out who'd birthed him.

Unfortunately, the pilot threw a big spanner into the works as well. In it, Chuck spoke of his mother as if she was still alive, but it's later revealed that she isn't.

While pilots are often the biggest cause of continuity errors, this is a pretty major oversight. Surely, we should've at least received some closure and finality about the mystery of Chuck's mom.

10 Dorota's Kids' Whereabouts

Dorota and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

Dorota was Blair's faithful housekeeper and aide. She would do anything for the Waldorf family (including some dodgy things) and added some much-needed comic relief and levity to the show.

Fortunately, she ended up finding her happily ever after with the doorman Vanya and they had two children, Anastasia and Leo. But did anyone else wonder where the children disappeared to after they'd been born?

Considering Dorota and Vanya's long working hours and the children's ages, who looked after them when their parents were at work? We never saw the kids again and it's as if they had never been born.

Yes, we witnessed a lot of questionable parenting in Gossip Girl, but we really expected more from Dorota and Vanya. Are the children still all alone in their apartment in Queens?

9 Dan The Voyeur

Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl

When it was revealed that Dan was Gossip Girl, there was a good degree of shock and a "you little rascal" attitude towards him. Yet, everyone forgave him and agreed that GG had done a lot of good too.

The biggest question we're left with is, are these people utterly insane?! They literally had a voyeur in their midst and are okay with it.

For years, Dan documented and leaked all of their secrets, embarrassing and exploiting his friends and family. He watched – sometimes from a distance, sometimes close by – when they least knew it.

It's stalkerish, voyeuristic, and a complete invasion of people's privacy.

Heck, Lonely Boy was actually Creepy Boy.

There's nothing healthy about his behavior, but everyone smiled and moved on. In fact, Serena even married the guy who'd tormented her for years. What the hell!

8 Dan Spreading Rumors About Jenny

Jenny and Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl

We all know that Dan had help from his sister, Jenny, in keeping the Gossip Girl thing going. Yes, folks, Jenny is an accomplice, and it was mentioned that they'd leak info on themselves to keep the ruse up and everyone pondering.

That said, there were some really harsh things released about Jenny that made her cry and Dan upset.

The question is, was this all a part of their plan, too? If so, it shows sociopathic tendencies. Who in the world would torture themselves all in the name of maintaining a website?!

Social-climbing does exist, but this takes it to an entirely different level.

We strongly suggest that Dan and Jenny receive some psychological help because what they did to each other isn't natural nor healthy.

7 How Did Vanessa Know About Serena's Fling?

Gossip Girl Vanessa

Vanessa hopped between sidechick and the friend zone a little too much for our liking. At times it was rather pathetic to see the lengths she'd go to for Dan's attention (who could ever forget the infamous Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia, ahem, event?).

So, it should come as no surprise that Vanessa kept track of all of Dan's girlfriends in case she needed to pull up some info on them.

One thing that's puzzling, though, is how she knew about Serena's supposed rendezvous with her boarding school professor.

Lily made it pretty clear that she'd made sure the Ben Donovan story never came out to protect Serena, so there's no way that Vanessa could've known about it – not even through the rumor mill since she didn't hang out with these people.

6 The Length Of Dan And Vanessa's Friendship

Gossip Girl Threesome

Vanessa and Dan were the friend goals we aspired to, until feelings tainted the picture and turned their relationship into an insufferable pseudo-romance. They were always better friends than romantic partners, and the tidbits about their past were useful morsels of information about who these people really were.

 The show confused things for us with some conflicting information, though.

Dan told Serena that he and Vanessa had been BFFs since they were six years old.

However, Vanessa revealed to Charlie that their friendship began when they were in third grade, which means they were around eight or nine years old at the time.

Look, it's possible that one of them actually forgot the age they became friends, but do you really do that with your best friend? Sounds suspect.

5 William Giving Lily Fake Cancer

William and Lily in Gossip Girl

One of Gossip Girl's most disturbing storylines was the time when William gave his ex-wife, Lily, fake cancer in an attempt to keep seeing her.

It was deceitful, disgusting, and completely deranged – yet, Lily ended up with William at the end of the show.

While it's admirable that William wanted to win his ex-wife back, giving her a life-threatening illness isn't. It's such a mind-bogglingly evil thing to do that it borders on something the Joker might do to punish Batman.

We're not sure about you, but we certainly wouldn't forgive someone who put us and our family through such an ordeal just so they could get closer.

Unfortunately, this wasn't William's only dastardly plan as he connived his way into Lily's life several times over. It's actually scary to think about this guy.

4 Lily's Real Age

Gossip Girl Lily and Carol Rhodes

Lily was a graceful and elegant woman, who went through as many husbands as she did shoes. In addition, she had a rich back story that showed she'd been a huge part of New York's social scene for many years. However, like a true lady, she never revealed her age.

In her passport, it's revealed that Lily was born in 1969. In the "Valley Girls" episode that was set in 1983, though, Lily is driving around in a car when she should only be 14 years old. Isn't that illegal in the U.S.?

It's unlikely that we'll ever know Lily's true age; however, it proves once again that the "Valley Girls" episode did more harm than good. We guess that only Lily knows the truth here...

3 Blair's Mother Handing The Business Over To Her

Remember the time when Blair's mother, Eleanor, handed over her company to her daughter and we all cheered about this heartfelt moment?

Yeah, about that… How in the world could her mother hand over a multimillion-dollar company to her inexperienced daughter in the first place?

Just because Blair dressed nice doesn't mean she was ready to lead a company.

It's the ultimate form of nepotism and we wouldn't be surprised if the Waldorf Designs employees were fearful of the company's future.

Then, to top it all off, Eleanor was angry with the way in which Blair ran the company. Are you surprised, lady? You literally put it in the hands of someone who had no management or business experience. Frankly, with such stupid decision-making taking place, we're surprised that Waldorf Designs lasted as long as it did.

2 Rufus' Bad Parenting

Rufus Humphrey in Gossip Girl

While he positioned himself as the ultimate Mr. Nice Guy, Rufus Humphrey was one of the biggest hypocrites on the show. Moreover, he was a terrible parent who only thought of himself and his needs.

Lest we forget, this is the guy who moved into Lily's apartment and let his kids stay in his Brooklyn apartment without supervision.

Also, he just upped and went on a tour with his one-hit wonder band, Lincoln Hawk, leaving his school-going children behind.

These are only two examples of Rufus' bad parenting, but there are many more throughout the show.

He might've judged the Upper East Side's morals, but he wasn't exactly the paragon of virtues, either. Seriously, this guy should've been visited by Child Services on more than one occasion.

1 Who Was In Bart's Casket?

Bart Bass and Lily Bass in Gossip Girl

Bart Bass was the ultimate antagonist of Gossip Girl. As a merger between a New York billionaire and high-class criminal (some might say this is redundant), he left no one sad when he met his demise in the sixth season.

Before that, though, there was a storyline where Bart died in a car accident. It was a sad tale, which saw Chuck go off the deep end and struggle to deal with his father's passing.

His drunken reaction at his father's funeral, in particular, still remains one of the most emotionally charged moments of the series.

Speaking of the funeral, who was in the casket? Bart was alive and well, as we soon found out, but then whom or what was inside? Surely, someone must've checked to see the body inside, right?


What else didn't make sense in Gossip Girl? Let us know in the comments section!

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