Gossip Girl: Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Once upon a time, a TV show came on called Gossip Girl. It was about a group of affluent and attractive friends who lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And, out in the world, there is another form of entertainment. It came to us first as a book series then as movies, and it is called Harry Potter.

What if we combined these two worlds? Well, today, that is what is going to happen!

As fans know, witches and wizards get sorted into houses at Hogwarts - either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Each of these houses is made of up certain traits, quirks, and strengths, and we are going to use that info to put Gossip Girl characters into these houses!

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10 Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gryffindor

Serena van der Woodsen is the star, the IT girl, the blonde bombshell… and, therefore, she seems like a Gryffindor. People sorted into this house are known for their bravery and for being daring, and with Serena’s personality, she could have easily taken on the whole world. Like Harry, she was in the spotlight, and things can to her easily. When she had to stand up for herself, though, she had no trouble doing so. Her positive attitude and her confidence helped her reach her goals and stand out in a crowd, so we can totally see her rocking some scarlet and gold!

9 Blair Waldorf - Slytherin

Blair Waldorf is a Queen Bee. She is an only child, she rules the girls at her school, and she has many traits found in Slytherins. She is very resourcefulness and cunning, as one of her favorite pastimes is scheming. She is clever, with lots of ambition and determination, meaning she usually gets what she wants. And even though she can come across as a bit harsh at times, she is a true leader, with style, knowledge and a go-getter attitude. She would fit in nicely in Slytherin and probably do so with lots of cute green headbands.

8 Dan Humphrey - Hufflepuff

Though Dan Humphrey was an outsider, he worked his way up and even - spoiler alert! - revealed himself to be Gossip Girl. Deep down, though, he seems like a Hufflepuff. Traits of this house include dedication, hard work, fairness, patience, kindness, tolerance, modesty and loyalty, and these were the traits Dan was raised to have. His name did not carry as much power as, say, Serena’s, but he worked just as hard or harder than his peers in order to find success. And even when, sadly, he was looked down on, he remained that super nice guy.

7 Chuck Bass - Slytherin

Of course, Chuck Bass would be sorted in Slytherin, and he would love that! Like Blair, he is resourcefulness and cunning, using his wit, money, charm and clever ways to get what he wants. As the show progressed and his character matured, he showed a real determination, like with work endeavors and when it came to winning over the love of his life. It was hard for him to open up and be vulnerable, though, and another trait found in this particular house is self-preservation. Based on how he was raised, he certainly showed off this trait, too.

6 Nate Archibald - Gryffindor

Nate Archibald would probably be sorted into Gryffindor. At the beginning of this series, he was just coasting along, but after things went down with his father, after he graduated, and after learning some lessons the hard way, fans saw him exhibit nerve, courage, and confidence. He even became a successful businessman, all on his own! 

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This house is also known for being athletic and chivalrous, which are two more characteristics found in this boy-next-door type, who - despite his name and his surroundings - is always the perfect gentleman. He would probably excel at quidditch while at Hogwarts, as well.

5 Jenny Humphrey - Ravenclaw

Some fans enjoyed watching Jenny Humphrey’s journey to the top of The Met steps and the top of the fashion world, but others could not have been happier to see her go. Nevertheless, this character could end up as a Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are creative, and Jenny’s talents and her style certainly make her stand out in a crowd. She tried so hard to fit in, but eventually, she learned from her mistakes, accepted her individuality and accepted herself for who she really was. This originality would help her succeed while at Hogwarts, in this house.

4 Vanessa Abrams - Ravenclaw

Another Ravenclaw is Vanessa Abrams! Like Jenny, she has a unique style, and she (for the most part) is totally okay with who she is and from where she came. She is also smart and witty, creative and talented, and a kind and caring person - all of which are great traits and all of which are found within this house. We can see her trading in homeschooling for an education at Hogwarts, where she would document the magic on her camcorder and where she and Jenny would probably add fun and funky touches to their robes.

3 Georgina Sparks - Slytherin

One thing is for sure: Georgina Sparks is a Slytherin. She is also almost too good at scheming, which is where that resourcefulness comes into play. She knows things - too much - and people in this house are known for being clever. Plus, for better or for worse, she has leadership qualities, as she wins people over, takes control and gets what she wants - all while in a dramatic outfit. We can see her partnering up with Draco Malfoy and causing all kinds of trouble for Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as for her fellow characters from Gossip Girl.

2 Eric Van Der Woodsen - Hufflepuff

A supporting character from this show is Eric van der Woodsen, Serena’s little brother. Even though he grew up with the same privileges as her, he is one of the nicest and most real characters within the series. That being said, he seems like a Hufflepuff. Like others in this house, he is all about being fair, showing patience, being kind, tolerating even the not-so-great people and remaining loyal to loved ones (even if they are those not-so-great people!). We could all learn some valuable lessons for this guy, and we would love to see him in black and yellow.

1 Dorota - Hufflepuff

The final character on this list is a fan favorite and is another Hufflepuff - Dorota! She practically raised Blair, serving as a maid for the Waldorf family. But over time, it was realized that she is so much more. She helped out other characters in their times of need. She fell in love. She became a mother. She is certainly hardworking, since waiting on Blair, hand and foot, could not be an easy task. Through it all, though, she, too, remained patient, kind, loyal and modest, which made people love this lovable gal even more.

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