Goosebumps Sequel Already in Development at Sony

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No one ruined your bedtime as a kid - or made it quite so much fun - as much as author R.L. Stine. With his kid-friendly horror series Goosebumps (along with the slightly more mature Fear Street) Stine built a veritable empire on children’s nightmares, often becoming a child’s first introduction to the world of horror. Now, with the upcoming release of a film based on the book series, fans both old and new have a little something to look forward to from the mind of the writer.

Though the big-screen adaptation of Goosebumps doesn’t hit theaters until October 16, Sony has reportedly already entered development for a potential sequel. Goosebumps stars comedian Jack Black as Stine and co-stars younger actors Dylan Minnette (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Let Me In) and Odeya Rush (The Giver, We Are What We Are), all of whom are already contracted for sequels.

Early buzz for Goosebumps has been largely positive, and according to the report from The Tracking Board  is what has Sony already looking at ways to move the film into a franchise. While the official greenlight is contingent on the box-office success of Goosebumps, there has been a noticeable lack of kid-friendly horror over the last decade. Sony, it seems, has high hopes that Goosebumps will ignite a new craze and introduce a whole new generation to the series.

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The movie version of Goosebumps doesn’t follow any one story from Stine’s anthology series, which sold 350 million copies during its 1992-1997 publication run. Instead, the film follows a meta-path, which finds Stine’s new young neighbors accidentally releasing a whole slew of the author’s horrifying creations from some of his own manuscripts. Stine and his young friends must then work overtime to recapture the creatures, many of whom you’ll recognize from your childhood.

It’s an interesting concept for the film, one that fits perfectly with the Goosebumps canon without falling into traditional adaptation trappings. The series has already been adapted for the small screen with an anthology series that ran on FOX Kids starting in 1995, so it makes sense why Sony would want to go a different direction with a film series. After all, these are stories most are already familiar with, and it would be boring to just see beat-by-beat recreations on the big screen.

No word yet on whether or not Goosebumps director Rob Letterman (Monsters vs Aliens) will return to the director’s chair for the planned sequel, but Screen Rant will keep you posted as new information develops. For now, there’s plenty to look forward to as Goosebumps hits theaters next month.

Goosebumps opens October 16.

Source: Tracking Board

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