Is 'The Goonies 2' Finally Being Made?

I have a very vivid memory of watching The Goonies in the cinema as a child and considering that it was 1985 that's no easy feat. My mum and aunt took my brother, my cousin and I to see Santa Claus: The Movie, but the screening was full. I know, I don't get that either - it's seen as one of the legendary bombs. Anyway, instead of seeing Santa Claus we went to see The Goonies, and we all loved it!

The Goonies from that moment on became our movie, and I still love it today. Over the years I managed to become a big fan of the work of Richard Donner, and to discover that he was behind it made it even cooler - how many iconic movies has this guy made?  Superman, Lethal Weapon and The Omen - what a guy!

However, I digress - word from Moviehole is that the wheels have started to turn on a sequel to The Goonies - not a remake or a reboot, but an honest to goodness sequel. The kind that they used to make.

The really good news:

The Goonies 2 will not be a direct to DVD movie, it'll be a proper theatrical film - with popcorn and everything!

Writers are now on board and apparently the film will include some of the original cast members.

Warner Bros. want this to be a big tent-pole picture, and I think that they've probably looked at the amount of money Indiana Jones and The Kindgom of the Crystal Skull made and realized that a blockbuster can appeal to older people and their kids. Throw in the original cast, chuck in some teenagers, and hey presto -there's $700 million at the worldwide box office!

I hope that Richard Donner is involved in some capacity - he spent a good few years trying to get a sequel up and running, and to not involve him at all would just be plain rude. Ideally I'd love to see Donner direct it - he still has it in him (just go watch the recent 16 Blocks).

I also hope that Steven Spielberg is involved too - heck maybe this will inspire him to get his Amblin production company churning out top quality family flicks again - you know, the kind that we still enjoy watching today as adults even though they came out more than twenty years ago.

I'm quite excited by this, and I'm pretty sure that even my mother will be, so I hope that it comes to fruition.

I can't wait for this.

What do you folks think?

Source: Moviehole

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