Steven Spielberg Reportedly Has 'Goonies 2' Story Idea in Mind

Beloved kids on an adventure 1980s flick The Goonies turns 30 years old next year; for nearly as long as the Truffle Shuffle has been a thing, though, a movie sequel to the film has been rumored, without having taken the final steps to becoming a reality. However, if you believe the reports in recent weeks, that long-stagnant situation could be about to change.

First, Goonies director Richard Donner revealed that a sequel is currently making legitimate progress down the production pipeline; just a few days after that, additional sources confirmed that Warner Bros. is indeed fast-tracking development on Goonies 2. The original film's writer Chris Columbus and executive producer Steven Spielberg are reported to be actively on the lookout for a new writer and director, in order to takeover the reins on the youth-oriented action franchise.

TMZ once again harassed pressed Donner for details on on the Goonies sequel; for better or worse, the tactic worked once more, as Donner also let it slip that Spielberg has concocted a new story for the project. This news doesn't come as a huge surprise, as Spielberg also received credit for having conceived the screen story on the original Goonies movie (a film that was intended to be an Indiana Jones-esque adventure for those of a younger age). Nonetheless, this is significant news, when it comes to shedding light on the status of Goonies 2.

For one, this signals that the project is actually gaining traction, since Spielberg is still a very powerful figure in Hollywood (unlike the nearly 84-year old Donner), so he can help to pull the belated sequel out of the depths of development limbo. After all, you might recall that a fourth Jurassic Park installment seemed to be all but dead, until a few years ago when Spielberg became more actively involved in the story creation process; cut to the present and now the project, titled Jurassic World, is readying to begin production for a June 2015 release date.

The parallels between Jurassic World/Jurassic Park 4 and Goonies 2 don't stop there. Besides Spielberg being a producer on the former and likely to be the same on the latter, the filmmaker is also looking to give a younger director their shot at the big time with the Goonies sequel - like how Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow is getting a chance to prove his big-budget mettle, after breaking out on the indie feature Safety Not Guaranteed.

The Goonies 2 has a story by Steven Spielberg

Long-gestating followups like Goonies 2 and Ghostbusters 3 have spent decades trying, then failing, to get off the ground, arguably in part because there wasn't any sort of fresh vision behind them - the kind that new filmmaking "blood" can give a project, that is. Indeed, this is something the fourth Jurassic Park installment appears to have at long last, judging by Trevorrow's encouraging comments about wanting to make the film more than just a trip down nostalgia lane.

If Goonies 2 continues to follow in Jurassic World's footsteps, then it may become a reality - one that has the slightest chance of impacting a new generation as much as its predecessor did for children of the 1980s. Not much more you can ask for, at this stage (accepting that this project is moving forward, anyway).


We'll keep you posted on development for The Goonies 2 as more information is made available.

Source: TMZ

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