Sean Astin Confident Goonies 2 Will Happen

The Goonies reboot still in development

The Goonies is a seminal children's adventure film that has since lured an a entire generation of faithful devotees to its cult-classic status within the realm of great, late 20th century Hollywood fare. Directed by Richard Donner and written by Chris Columbus, the classic 1980s adventure film has fared better than its dated dramatics and kitschy aesthetics might otherwise warrant, with more than a few viewers willing to continue to suspend their disbelief in the service of what is still a truly remarkable genre film, 30 years on.

Of the original motion picture's ensemble cast, one key star has been particularly sentimental regarding the film's lasting impact on American culture, and has recently taken to social media, both on Twitter and subsequently on Facebook, to voice his determined hope that Goonies 2 waits somewhere in the future.

Sean Astin, who played the role of Michael "Mikey" Walsh the first go-round, recently posted a misleading Tweet that read "#Goonies2 I shall return," though the actor subsequently took the post down after news broke that he might not be considered for the film, were a sequel to occur. Astin then took to Twitter to correct his mistake as follows:

Mis-speaking on Twitter? Even when one delete's the Tweet (hate doing that), faux pas live on 😫 #GooniesSequel #Magic8BallSaysSomeday

— Sean Astin (@SeanAstin) September 26, 2015

As of this morning, Astin took to social media yet again, posting the following extended comment on his official Facebook page:

"I have always believed that there will be a Goonies Sequel, because Steven Spielberg told me in 1988 that he wanted to make one. Richard Donner has said that it is in the works. Warner Brothers is enjoying a very successful merchandising experience with the 'title.' If it gets made in my lifetime, I will root for it, whether I'm in it or not. If it gets made after I'm no longer here to be in it or to watch it, I still know in my heart, guts, wherever, the it will get made. The fact that I'm asked about it everywhere I go is amusing. The fact that people just make stuff up about it, also hilarious. Now, I have said all I am going to say on the subject until 5 minutes from now when another Goonies loving neighbor wants me to give them the inside scoop. Spoiler, no scoop."

The Goonies

Astin's enthusiasm and gratitude for the fans who still associate him with his Goonies role speaks to the actor's genuine passion for the original Donner and Columbus production. Even if viewers never see "Mikey" Walsh of the Astoria, Oregon "Goon Docks" again on film, the performer's personal love for the character in real life should serve to keep the character alive to a certain extent, sequel or no sequel.

On that note, it appears unlikely that there are any definitive plans in the works on behalf of either Donner or Columbus. The original film is something of an odd success in its continued generational appeal as pure nostalgia-bait, even as its fans continue tear up at the mere mention of Chunk and Sloth.

Screen Rant will keep you posted on any further developments regarding a The Goonies sequel.

Source: Sean Astin

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