Richard Donner Says 'The Goonies 2' Is Happening

Cast of The Goonies

Remakes, sequels, reboots… the idea remains as popular as ever, with 1980s properties currently receiving a variety of updates, from this year's About Last Night remake to the upcoming Jem and the Holograms. Believe it or not, though, there are still a number of 80's properties which remain untouched.

One of the most beloved of these is 1985's The Goonies. Produced by Steven Spielberg, written by future Home Alone director Chris Columbus and directed by Lethal Weapon's Richard Donner, The Goonies was a red-blooded adventure movie about a group of friends who undertook a dangerous quest to find a legendary pirate treasure and save their homes, starring a charismatic ensemble of child and teenage stars, including Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men), and Corey Feldman (who was at the height of his childhood fame).

The notion of a sequel has been kicking around Hollywood for a long time now, but TMZ apparently received confirmation from director Richard Donner himself that The Goonies 2 will indeed be made, with hopefully the whole cast returning, according to the director.

Donner was signing autographs in Beverly Hills when the celebrity news site asked him about the current state of comic book-centric Hollywood blockbusters (he doesn't have a problem with it), and when asked if he ever planned to do another comic book movie, he replied:

"If you call ‘Goonies’ a comic book. We’re doing a sequel."

The Goonies and Sloth

As for whether or not the entire cast will return… that's another story. Some of the most memorable turns among the kids were by actors who no longer act. The crew's chubby scene-stealer Chunk was played by Jeff B. Cohen, who now practices law. Inventor Data was portrayed by Jonathan Ke Quan - who will also be forever known as Indy's sidekick Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - continued to work in the industry until 2002, but has no credited role since. Martha Plimpton and Kerri Green - Andy and Stef, the high-schoolers who got caught up in the madness alongside Brolin's Brand - continue to work, but a ways from the A-list.

Then there are those iconic villains, the Fratellis - the brothers - played by Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix) and Robert Davi (Die Hard), are still around. Unfortunately, Anne Ramsey, who played Mama Fratelli, passed away in 1989, and NFL star John Matuszak, who portrayed the big-hearted Sloth beneath a layer of latex, died that same year.

Still, Sean Astin, who had the central role as the brave, asthmatic Mikey, told IGN back in 2012 that "I'm 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it." Feldman, however, responded to this dubious gamble by saying:

"Oh my God. I am betting no child on this matter."

The Goonies 2 Konami Game Logo

Is Donner serious? Maybe. Many people thought a Point Break remake was insane until it turned out to be something that's happening. Up to now, the only official Goonies continuation existed in the form of a Konami game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System - and in the imagination of a generation of kids who grew up with the film.

And the idea of revisiting the now-grown Goonies 30 years on can work as a way to continue the franchise with the characters' children. In fact, the potential storyline is so obvious, it's a bit of a wonder it hasn't happened by now. Some of the original cast could probably be coerced into returning without too much trouble, especially if the original's producer Steven Spielberg throws his weight behind the project.

But what about Josh Brolin? The star is now firmly part of the A-list, was a winning surrogate for Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3, and despite a box office flop in the form of Spike Lee's Oldboy remake, his career is going strong. He wasn't the main character in The Goonies, but his presence as Sean Astin's older brother provided a needed gravity. 

Time will tell, but children of the 1980s invariably find a goofy grin on their face at the mention of that movie, and if much of the original creative team return for this sequel - if it's really happening - there will be a nostalgic audience already waiting.


The Goonies 2 is currently in development.

Source: TMZ

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