Goonies 2: Corey Feldman Doesn't Think it Will Happen

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The Goonies came out in 1985 and was a seminal movie for those of a certain age during that decade, eventually growing into a cult classic. Written by Chris Columbus, directed by Richard Donner and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the film followed a group of young boys who find a treasure map and the adventure that ensues. The film also featured then-child actors who later became much more famous, including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton, and Corey Feldman.

There was never a sequel to The Goonies, but talk of one has occasionally surfaced over the last several years, with various actors and even Columbus and Donner expressing optimism that such a project may one day happen. Donner said in an interview in 2014 that a reboot “is happening.” Warner Bros. was said to have “fast-tracked” the project that same year, while Spielberg was reported to have an idea for a second movie. Columbus said last year that the project was “being heavily developed,” while Astin said last fall he was “confident” a sequel would happen. But there’s been nothing more concrete than that on Goonies 2 since -- and now there’s new skepticism from another original cast member.

Corey Feldman gave an interview to Movieweb in which he stated the biggest reason the sequel hasn’t happened, and might not happen at all, is that no one wants to do the film without Donner -- and it doesn’t look like Donner’s going to be able to direct it:

"Richard Donner is 87 years old. And it's like, no one really wants to make it without him. He's the driving force behind it. He says it's still alive. But as we all know...When you get to that age, things slow down quite a bit. There is a big possibility that he might not want to keep driving it. So, I think without him, it doesn't happen. And every day that passes, that he doesn't do it, there is less and less chance that it is ever going to happen at all… "It could have a very bad backlash! At the end of the day, and I have said this before, the only way a Goonies sequel happens, and is forgivable to the fan base...Is if it is done right. And what does that look like? Obviously I don't know. Because I'm not Steven Spielberg, I'm not Richard Donner, I'm not Chris Columbus. Those are the guys that make this decision. I know that they are all geniuses. And I implore nothing but the highest levels of respect and trust for their process and what they do. If, at the time, they want my opinion, I will certainly be happy to give it to them.”

The Goonies

Donner hasn’t directed a feature film since the Bruce Willis/Mos Def crime thriller 16 Blocks, back in 2006. Yes, he said back in 2014 that he was planning to make Goonies 2, but even at the time, it was clear there was no deal or funding in place for any such project.

But even if there was funding -- is a Goonies sequel a good idea? The original movie was more than 30 years ago, and was a story about a bunch of kids following a treasure map. It would be an admittedly tall order to recreate the magic of the first film after so much time has passed. A better bet might be a remake/reboot, starring new, young actors and maybe one or two of the original stars. But an even better idea may be to just let the first Goonies movie stand on its own.

Screen Rant will have more news on Goonies 2 as updates are made available.

Source: Movieweb

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