'Goon' Red Band Trailer & Clip Take The Highway To Hell

A new clip from the sports comedy 'Goon' feature bloody fistfights, f-bombs, and lewd humor aplenty. Watch the videos and decide if this is your kind of movie.

Red Band Trailer for Goon

Everyone knows that hockey is a rough n' tumble - and often outright violent - sport, but Hollywood hasn't been too keen to embrace the crazier aspects of the game in films past (Slap Shot aside). That certainly won't be the case with the low-budget independent comedy Goon, which was finally picked up for U.S. distribution last week.

A previously-released international Goon trailer hinted at an amusingly wild and R-Rated spin on the average underdog sports story. Today, we have a red band teaser clip from the film that makes at least one thing absolutely clear: Goon - which is actually based on a true story - is definitely not for the easily offended.

Goon stars American Pie franchise alumnus Seann William Scott as Doug Glatt, a dim-witted, but likable, bar bouncer who excels at one thing: beating the everliving crap out of people. Naturally, Doug's high-achieving parents (fellow American Pie star Eugene Levy and Ellen David) do not approve.

Doug is presented with an opportunity to prove his worth when he's recruited to become the Goon (re: enforcer) for an underperforming minor league hockey team. In the tradition of virtually every sports movie... well, ever, the team begins to excel with Doug watching its back - though their Goon is put to the ultimate test when he crosses paths with the most brutal enforcer in the league: Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber).

Be warned - the following NSFW clip from Goon feature a whole lot of cursing, bloody fist fights, raunchy humor, and Schreiber's facial hair ;-). If that still sounds like your thing, then feel free to check it out below:

[NOTE: Goon producer, David Gross, contacted us to point out that the aforementioned red band trailer was pirated - and we've removed the video at his request. Still, you can still enjoy the red band clip below]


Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, She's Out of My League) also appears in Goon, which he co-wrote with Evan Goldberg - the fellow who collaborated with Seth Rogen on the scripts for Superbad, Pineapple Express, and The Green Hornet. Based on that collective resume, it should come as no surprise that Goon mixes R-Rated humor with outrageous hockey-related violence.

Add Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates as a potty-mouthed coach with a foul disposition - along with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's Alison Pill as a fangirl who gets turned on by the sight of brawling hockey players - and Goon pretty much offers everything that moviegoers who love their comedies on the raunchy side could ask for.

goon movie trailer sean william scott

The best R-Rated comedies aren't the ones that just pack a whole lot of laughs into their running time - they also boast a likable collection of characters and even some genuine heartfelt moments. Most of the actors in Goon are at least known for having likable screen personalities, which bodes well for the film, in that regard.

Plus, it's usually pretty easy to cheer for the scruffy underdog in a sports movie... even when you're watching them literally bash their opponent's face in.


Goon does not have an official U.S. release date yet, but it's expected to reach theaters by the first half of 2012.

Source: Magnolia Pictures

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