Google's Top-Trending TV Shows of 2017

4. Iron Fist

It's no surprise that Iron Fist made the top trending list this year, as the fourth solo Defenders series on Netflix has been mired in controversy since the start. Iron Fist (Finn Jones) joined Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) as part of the Marvel/Netflix universe this year, and it became the first huge critical flop for the partnership. Not only was the fight choreography rushed and stilted, but the entire concept received backlash for using a hero that is the definition of a white savior. Although some called the show 'whitewashing', the issue is one of a rich white kid learning martial arts and becoming the literal savior of Kun-L'un, before returning to New York as a hero. The premise is trope-city, from the orphaned billionaire superhero to the secret training from kung-fu masters in the mountains, and fans were not happy that Marvel/Netflix chose to spotlight this hero. Many felt that Rand should have been portrayed by an Asian actor, at the very least. Although Iron Fist was still heavily binge-watched, and will be getting a second season, it was still a disappointment for the Defenders.

3. This Is Us

This Is Us Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia

This Is Us premiered in 2016, and like Riverdale, enjoyed a 2017 that included the end of season one and the start of the highly anticipated season 2. This Is Us  has been praised for its somewhat unusual storytelling style, blending traditional drama with a more genre-esque series of flashbacks and flashforwards that tell the characters' stories over four decades at once. As well as being critically acclaimed, This Is Us has also been one of the most emotional and tear-jerking series of the year, keeping fans glued to the edge of their seats as plot twists are revealed and a major character was killed off. There have been a few twists and turns off-screen for This Is Us as well, as an episode ('The Disappointed Man') used the n-word, and star Chris Sullivan has had to defend his use of a fat-suit to play Toby. However, these are reasonably minor 'controversies' compared to those plaguing other series on this list, so we can happily say that This Is Us hit the number three spot simply for ripping out viewers' hearts time and time again.

2. Game Of Thrones

Viserion Eye Game of Thrones

No prizes for guessing that Game Of Thrones was one of the most popular series of 2017, as this HBO juggernaut remains one of the most talked about series year after year. Season 7 saw some of the biggest moments of Game of Thrones so far, too, as all the major players return to Westeros to gear up for the final battles. Jon Snow's (Kit Harrington) parentage was finally revealed after six seasons of speculation... although the reveal didn't come in time to stop some good ol' fashioned Game Of Thrones incest, as Jon got it on with his aunt, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). The Stark sisters were also dishing up some scandal, as they slaughter their way through their various enemies with aplomb, and the family is reunited to reclaim the North. However, enemies rise as the White Walkers get hold of one of the dragons, and the Wall finally comes under a real attack... leaving fans speculating wildly about what will happen when the final season airs in 2018. Off-screen, Game Of Thrones also made headlines as fans wondered when season 8 will premiere, as Kit Harrington and co-star Rose Leslie got engaged, as spin-offs were announced as in the works, and as rumors grew that multiple endings are being filmed to avoid leaks.

1. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Hannah Baker Clay Jensen

Some may be surprised that with so much going on, Game Of Thrones didn't manage to snag the top spot, but that honor goes to 13 Reasons Why. Of course, the honor is a dubious one, as this Netflix original series about suicide has been incredibly controversial. Based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why takes place after the suicide of the central character, as she tells her story through a series of tapes recorded before her death. It's not too shocking that a show about suicide would be a controversial one, but 13 Reasons Why came under fire for seeming to glamorize suicide, as Hannah (Katherine Langford) finally gets listened to, and gets to make her tormentors see exactly what they did to her. Parents and schools became concerned that 13 Reasons Why would lead to an increase in self-harm and suicidal behavior in young viewers, and Netflix added warnings to it as a result. Many pushed to have the show removed entirely out of fear that it would cause harm, but instead, 13 Reasons Why became the most tweeted-about show of the year, and has now been confirmed for a second season.

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