Dev Says PS5 and New Xbox Will Be More Powerful Than Google Stadia

The Google Stadia platform has the potential to change the video game industry, but at least one developer believes it will be technically inferior to the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Google announced its Stadia gaming service at GDC 2019, which promised to allow players to stream modern games to any compatible device, regardless of its technical specifications. The idea behind the Stadia is that the data centers act as the console itself and will be doing all of the heavy lifting, which is how players will be able to stream games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey onto old laptops and mobile phones and have it play as well as if it were running on a high-end machine.

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The press conference for the Stadia included a moment where the host claimed that the Stadia was more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. The problem with that statement is the successors to both systems are on the horizon and they have the potential to be far more powerful than the Stadia, which is what Frederik Schreiber of 3D Realms believes. Schreiber spoke to Gaming Bolt about the future of the PlayStation and Xbox systems and how they will reach the standards set by PCs in terms of hardware. He said:

With each generation of platforms, the development environment has come closer to PC standards, which benefits all developers. We expect the next generation of consoles to be easier to develop for, alongside a much needed overall boost in performance.

The current generation is already fast, but GPU, Memory and CPU technology have come a long way since the current generation of consoles was introduced, which will hopefully give us a lot of new opportunities with the next generation.

When asked about the Stadia and how it will compare to the next PlayStation and Xbox machines, Schreiber said that the Stadia isn't a factor and that Sony & Microsoft's next consoles will exceed Stadia's specs by far.

The Google Stadia has the potential to change the gaming world, but only if it works as planned, which is something that a lot of people in the industry have doubted. The fact that the Stadia is dependant on an Internet connection is one of the major flaws of the service, as the quality of the Internet varies greatly across the globe, with countries like Australia having notoriously terrible service. The major advantage of a console over the Stadia is that an Internet connection isn't required and the player can enjoy single-player games even when their wifi goes down.

The capacity to stream games is going to be an important part of the industry going forward, as it has even been rumored that companies like Walmart will be entering the streaming gaming business in the future. It makes sense for companies like Microsoft and Sony to pursue streaming services in the future as an additional component to their consoles, but the untested nature of a wholly streaming service means that the Stadia platform might be doomed to fail on a technical level before it can gain the ground it needs to become a major player in the industry.

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Source: Gaming Bolt

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