Google Stadia Founders Edition Pre-Orderers May Not Get Theirs At Launch

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A recent report discovered that pre-orderers of certain Google Stadia editions may not receive them in time for the November 19 early launch date. While Stadia won't receive a wider release until 2020, Google is launching the Stadia Pro subscription service for pre-orderers in less than a month.

The Google Stadia streaming service was thought by many to be a sort of Netflix for games when it was first announced, allowing players to seamlessly stream gaming content for a subscription. In truth, it's a little more complicated than that. The announcement of Google Stadia's pricing revealed that while the 4K-streaming Stadia Pro plan will cost users $9.99 per month, the basic Stadia plan, which allows the streaming of games in 1080p, won't cost anything. Instead, Stadia users will need to purchase games at full price, granting them unlimited streaming access to those titles. The Stadia Pro plan will be available in 2019 for those who pre-ordered the Stadia Founder's Edition or the newly-announced Premiere Edition for $129.

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While the official Google Stadia tweet announcing the Premiere Edition says Google is excited for "all of [its] Founders" to play Stadia on November 19, Google clarified when asked by The Verge that this won't be the case for every pre-orderer. Google said neither Founder's Edition buyers nor Premiere Edition buyers are guaranteed to receive their controllers and Chromecast Ultras by the November 19 launch date because pre-orders will be shipped in the order they were received. This means, as Google said in an earlier blog post, users will only be able to play Stadia at 9 a.m. that day if they were "one of the first gamers who pre-ordered" and happen to have received their Founder's Edition.

Even if a user's pre-order does arrive on-time, however, there's still no guarantee they'll be streaming games without a hitch. The nature of a streaming-only "console" is that it relies on a user's internet connection, which means players could potentially run into a number of issues. Besides concerns about latency (Google says Stadia will overcome latency by predicting inputs and will even eventually "feel more responsive" than gaming locally), there's the possibility that streaming - especially in 4K with the Stadia Pro - will lead to players running into their internet plan's data cap. A recent study suggests that most gamers will struggle to run Stadia at 4K for long, as a month of gaming could use up more than 1TB of data.

While the promise of a console-free gaming experience is an exciting one, there are quite a few reasons to be cautious about Google Stadia. Many potential buyers simply feel there are too many extenuating factors to guarantee that game streaming will work in any given area with any given internet speed. Still, with the November launch date quickly approaching, Google Stadia Founder's Edition pre-orderers (or, at least the earliest among them) will soon be able to test the system's potential with their own hands.

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Source: The Verge

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