Google Chrome Will Support Nintendo Switch Controllers Soon

It sounds as if Google Chrome will soon support controllers originally compatible with Nintendo Switch. This arrives ahead of a formal unveiling that Google has for its plans to enter the gaming industry as a major competitor, outfitted with a number of fun-filled and Google-exclusive software rumors. The presumed focus of the service will be on the streaming of video games, with a similar structural philosophy of "Netflix for games" being shared by Microsoft and its xCloud service as well.

One of the biggest partners for Google's new service is said to be SEGA, although details are lacking on just what that would entail. Other companies like Microsoft have already expressed interest on social media that they'll be supporting Google as it ventures into the gaming sphere. Images of a Google gaming controller have also surfaced, although they are far from final in design. Still, it's possible that Google may just allow gamers to use whichever controller they want.

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As first reported by 9to5Google, a brand-new section of Chromium Gerrit clarifies Google's intent to provide support for Nintendo Switch's various controllers. These controller options range from all of the major peripherals for the console, including the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Left Joy-Con, Right Joy-Con, both Joy-Con concurrently, and even the Switch Charging Grip that the Joy-Con can dock into to recreate the feel of a more traditional gaming controller.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con HD rumble demonstration video

It's a wide range of options to be sure, but it also stands as an interesting development given the current state of the gaming industry. As reports make the rounds that Xbox Live will be coming to Nintendo Switch, it's clear that companies are going for the biggest audience possible. Utilizing controllers that consumers find more familiar is a smart way to go about allowing gamers to play through games their way.

Ahead of Google Chrome opening up possibilities through Nintendo Switch controller options, Microsoft has begun focusing on accessibility through its own peripherals through the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Ultimately, allowing gamers to experience a game through their personal preferences only opens up doors for fans. More details on Google's plans should follow suit, and may even arrive alongside the eventual addition of Nintendo Switch controller support to Google Chrome devices. Whatever the strategy is, gamers won't be waiting long at all to find out.

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Sources: 9to5Google, Chromium Gerrit

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