Deadpool, Scream, & Other Classic Movies Appear in Google Ad

Google has released a commercial that advertises the Google Assistant program by adding it into movies such as Deadpool and Scream, in order to show how useful it would be to the characters in those films.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant program that can be communicated with in order to issue commands to compatible devices, including the Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini, which are both shown in the commercial. Google Assistant is comparable to Alexa and Siri in terms of its functionality.

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Google's new commercial promotes Google Assistant by adding it into scenes from different movies and showing how useful it would have been for the characters to have had access to the program. The movie scenes used in the #HeyGoogle commercial include David Bowman using Google Assistant to bypass Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Drew Barrymore's character in Scream using the Google Home Hub to alert the police to the fact that an assailant was outside her house, and Deadpool being reminded that he had to appear in a Google commercial.

The Google Assistant commercial also includes Stu from The Hangover instantly knowing everything that happened the night before by checking the photos on his Pixel 3 phone (though, to be fair, it's not that hard to do that with a regular smartphone), and Lady Bird's Christine using the Lyft app in order to call a cab before she jumps out of the car to escape from her mother. There's even a literal interpretation of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s famous "Show me the money!" line (as understood by a Google Home Hub) in a scene from Jerry Maguire. 

This Google commercial is the latest in a line of adverts that references old movies. There was one released at the end of 2018 that showed an older Macaulay Culkin recreating scenes from Home Alonewhich was later featured in a different commercial that showed Joe Pesci growing emotional at the sight of the older Culkin.

The #HeyGoogle advert has managed to accrue over 11 million views in two days, which is a staggering feat and goes to show how powerful a commercial can be when it plays to nostalgia. The same was also true for the two Home Alone commercials, which have both earned over 30 million views each since December. A clever advert can make you intrigued about a product while also making you think, and this Google commercial manages to do that by proving how many movies could be ended in five minutes if the characters just had access to their devices.

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