SR Pick [Video]: ‘A Goofy Movie’ Live-Action Remake

Few things are able to lure me away from writing about Burn Notice, Lost and Supernatural, but when I heard that someone has created a shot-for-shot live-action remake of the amazing song “After Today” from the cult-hit Disney film, A Goofy Movie, I immediately stopped seeking out True Blood spoilers in order to bring this gem to you, the reader.

Being a child in the 80s and 90s meant that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all of Disney’s major animated classics in the theater. And while they were all entertaining, it wasn’t until I heard that they were going to be making a film based on the television series Goof Troop that I had my first ever must-see film.

As with every Disney film, they spared no expense. With a score by Carter Burwell (Where the Wild Things Are, The Blind Side) and Don Davis (The Matrix) and songs co-written by Prince, how could they go wrong?

I’ll stop my rambling so you can see this masterpiece for yourself. (Nerd fact: The singing voice of Max in A Goofy Movie was done by Aaron Lohr,who’s also known as Dean Portman, one of the "Bash Brothers" from The Mighty Ducks movies.)


Two years in the making, filmmaker Ted Sowards used $100, a borrowed camera, 90+ supportive friends & family and Final Cut Studio to painstakingly recreate each shot from the Goofy Movie's famous song.

While a shot-for-shot remake is difficult in its own right, the fact that it’s an animated film makes it that much harder to create, as anything is possible with animation. Flying toupee’s, belly-buttonless girls and numerous dancing twins - all just some of the challenges Sowards would need to overcome in order to succeed in his quest. Luckily, the six months it took for him to film the entire three minute song allowed him time to think of ingenious ways to overcome each obstacle.

If my calculations are correct (and they are, I used a calculator – and a nerd), the two years of planning and six months of filming it took to make this videos means that in order to recreate the entire Goofy Movie, Sowards would need forty-five years of planning and thirteen years to film it.

…looks like better he get started!

What did you think of the live-action remake of "After Today" from A Goofy Movie? Were you as big of a fan of that movie as I was? Can you perform the Perfect Cast while singing “I 2 I?”

Check out Soward's website dedicated to his recreation of A Goofy Movie at After Today Live.

Source: Youtube

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