A Goofy Movie: Which Character Are You Based On Your MBTI®

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you remember A Goofy Movie. This sly little gem wasn’t made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, but rather Disneytoon Studios, and was a modest release that didn’t have to live up to the expectations of the bigger animated films that Disney made in that time period—that being somewhere between Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. It focused on the hilariously inept Goofy and his son Max, who he whisked off on a family vacation right when Max was developing feelings for his friend Roxanne.

Having a klutzy dad like Goofy wasn’t a laugh-fest for Max; it was an unendurable roller coaster of embarrassment. Max was trying to navigate the complexities of high school life and get Roxanne to notice him, but the prank he pulled to do it made Goofy think Max needed some family bonding time. The screwball comedy was practically a by-the-numbers template of Myers Briggs Personality Types, so see which character from A Goofy Movie matches yours!

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10 Goofy: ENFP

Like any good dad, Goofy just wants his son Max to study hard, meet new friends, and have amazing life experiences while he’s in high school. And though he can’t help but sometimes be an embarrassment, his intentions are always pure and he never stops believing in Max’s ability to succeed.

If you’re an ENFP, you’ll immediately recognize Goofy’s enthusiasm and individuality, with an affection for his child that can almost seem to smother Max at times. People may not know how to take your effervescence at times, but no one can doubt the benefits of your eternal optimism, as well as your ability to make people feel good about themselves.

9 Max: ENFJ

Max’s good heart, caring nature, and earnest desire to help others endear him to his friends at school, but his desire to fit in and be liked by everyone make him a few enemies as well. Goofy tries to encourage him to cast aside the expectations of other people, as an ENFJ, Max can’t always stop seeking the approval of others.

Max just wants to figure out his direction in life and where he fits in. In the pursuit of this meaning, an ENFJ might have the thoughts of others take precedence over their opinion of themselves. Goofy teaches Max that the only person whose opinion matters is his own, and the only thing that matters is his belief in himself.


PJ isn’t just Max’s friend, he’s the son of Goofy’s coworker Pete, whose take-charge nature and self-confidence didn’t exactly get passed down to PJ. Like most ISFJ’s, PJ has an intricate inner world he doesn’t share except with his closest friends, meaning that his true personality may not shine unless given a little encouragement.

If you’re an ISFJ, you may identify with PJ’s struggle, who understands and acknowledges a great deal more than he lets on. Occasionally, PJ will have moments where he shares his sensitive side, usually just to his friends. As an ISFJ, PJ is extremely kind and encouraging of others, but needs a helping hand in revealing his own potential.

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7 Pete: ENTJ

Pete and Goofy have been coworkers and friends for a while, with Pete being the stable, forthright foil to Goofy’s enthusiastic spontaneity. Pete is a no-nonsense, practical father and employee who, like most ENTJ’s, has to work at having empathy for others and acknowledging their feelings.

He often oversteps his boundaries with Goofy, conveying his viewpoints with little regard to how Goofy responds to them. His forcefulness is intimidating to his son, who doesn’t contradict his dad’s viewpoints for fear of making him temperamental. If things aren’t Pete’s way, he often doesn’t understand their value.  If you view yourself as goal-oriented, with a healthy competitive streak, and vigorous determination, you may identify with him.

6 Roxanne: ISFJ

Roxanne is Max’s friend and love interest in the movie, and not only does she leave a lasting impression on him with her adorable looks, but she also impacts him with her kindness and concern for his well-being. Like a true ISFJ, her awareness for the troubles of others makes her well-liked and popular.

While initially seen as shy and sometimes awkward, Roxanne actually seems to have no trouble making friends, especially through Stacey, the Student Class President. You may identify with Roxanne if you too have a warm nature, and your friends find you dependable, knowing you’ll always stand up for them, even when it’s not the “popular” thing to do.

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5 Principal Mazur: ENTJ

Principal Mazur seems to thrive on making his student’s lives hell. He runs his school with a domineering attitude, and, though he’s strong-willed and somewhat intelligent, he thinks he knows what’s best for the students. In reality, he’s completely out of touch with their goals, and therefore institutes his own.

If you identify with Principal Mazur’s forceful nature and reasoning skills, you may be an ENTJ. While he wasn’t particularly well-liked—and therefore didn’t accomplish many of his goals—you may have the tenacity to see your goals through, flourishing wherever your drive proves successful. And though you may not care what people think of you, a little human connection wouldn’t hurt your chances of success, either—take it from Principal Mazur.

4 Stacey: ESTJ

As the Student Body President, Stacey is in the public eye with a lot of responsibility, and she’s perfectly suited for it. Outgoing, tenacious, and hard-working, she has her finger in many pies, from planning the ultimate party of the year watching Powerline’s concert on Pay Per View to playing matchmaker with her bestie Roxanne and Max.

If you’re an ESTJ like Stacey, you may find yourself a natural born leader, as well as a social butterfly. You may find that you’re dedicated and hardworking, and expect others to share your work ethic. Some may find you controlling, and you’ll have to work on seeing other people’s perspectives as assets, but your intentions are pure, and everyone appreciates your efforts.

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3 Powerline: ESFP

As would be expected from an explosive performer like Powerline, he’s highly social, dynamic, and outgoing. He’s at his best when performing for a large crowd, like at the end of the film. But just because Powerline is a famous celeb doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his fans, especially when he rolls with Max and Goofy crashing the dancing portion of his concert.

If you’re an ESFP like Powerline, you probably enjoy not only what you do, but inspiring the people that come to see you do it. Making people happy, and inspiring others, comes naturally to you, whether you’re a famous performer or not. You like to live in the moment and make the most of what life throws your way.

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2 Bobby: INTP

Bobby, the cheese-can squirting friend of Max and PJ gives most of the film its laughs, but also much of its insights. Like most INTP’s, Bobby isn’t conventional and marches to the beat of his own weird drum. He isn’t concerned with the fact that people think he’s a slacker because he doesn’t put a lot of value in popularity or traditional goals.

Despite the fact that Bobby is perpetually chill, he’s got a complex mind and is constantly analyzing the world around him, offering kernels of wisdom to his friends. If you’re an INTP like Bobby, you probably always support your friends, are highly intelligent, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

1 Chad: ESFJ

Chad is one of the students at Max’s high school, and, unfortunately, not one of the nicer ones. He spends most of his time picking on other classmates he views as weaker than himself, like Max, PJ, and Bobby. He seems to only play nice with girls he thinks are attractive, like Roxanne or Lisa.

Like most ESFJ’s, Chad is extremely social and likes to be in a position of power. If you identify with Chad, you may even see yourself as a role model, though he was usually contingent on whether or not people acknowledged him for it. Chad isn’t capable of being sensitive to the needs of others, or other people’s life choices, which is what makes him a bully.

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