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The end of The Movie Blog has arrived and it has more than a little significance to me here at Screen Rant.

John Campea (pictured at left) founded The Movie Blog almost 4 1/2 years ago (about 4 months before Screen Rant, by total coincidence since we didn't know each other at the time). It went from an obscure little place where he could vent and talk about movies and didn't think anyone besides his friends would read about it, to a significant presence in the online movie community. John took a much more dedicated approach to his site than I did a couple of years ago and it became a runaway success... In 2006 he won the Podcast of the Year award and this last April was mentioned in a Time Magazine article along with other heavy-hitter movie sites like and

His visitors are dedicated, opinionated and vocal, which made for great discussions on his site. He also always maintained that the site was a movie BLOG site and not a movie NEWS site. This was continually demonstrated via his opinion pieces on topics that I usually wish I had though of first. :-)

Among his gems were topics like:

"8 Life Lessons From Star Wars All Kids Should Learn"

"Economics Of The Movie Theater - Where The Money Goes And Why It Costs Us So Much"

"Why Commercials Before Movies Is Worse Than Piracy"

"What Makes A Movie A 'Classic'?"


"Remember When Sarah Michelle Gellar Was Hot?"

Great stuff and very entertaining to read. John is also a great guy who doesn't hesitate to reach out and help out other movie site owners. He got me into a number of great parties at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer, which gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know Peter from /Film, Alex from First Showing, Kevin from Cinematical, Neil from Film School Rejects, Jennifer from Rotten Tomatoes plus a bunch of other great folks.

I'm the bald guy and John is to my right.

But not to worry, the ending of one thing leads to the beginning of another, and he is moving on to become the managing editor for a brand new site in the Coming Soon network. It will focus on Sci Fi movies and TV and will be called Sci Fi Mission (no link because there's no site in place at the moment).

John, here's wishing you the best on your new adventure and I hope we'll run into each other again.

Your friend, Vic from Screen Rant.

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