Good Time Trailer: Robert Pattinson Must Save His Brother

Robert Pattinson is a bank robber on a desperate mission to rescue his brother in the stylish trailer for the Safdie Brothers' Good Time.

Pattinson gives what looks to be his grittiest, grimiest, most-Twilight-rejecting performance yet in the Safdie Brothers thriller Good Time, which just dropped a stylish and intriguing new trailer. One-time teen idol Pattinson has tried hard in recent years to shed the image he acquired by starring alongside his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart in the "cringey" YA horror series Twilight.

In Good Time, Pattinson plays a psychologically-scarred bank robber on a mission to rescue his mentally-handicapped brother, who has been incarcerated in Riker's Island. The film, described as a nervy race-against-the-clock thriller, received an 8-minute standing ovation when it played at Cannes, with Pattinson's performance being described by critics as the best of his career.

The new Good Time trailer from A24 showcases the film's stylish look, all neon-drenched and noirish, with frenzied cutting that plays up the film's hectic ticking-clock format. Without giving away much plot detail, the trailer hints at Pattinson's desperation as he races around the city while his brother (Ben Safdie) is menaced by the authorities. Pattinson looks like he has gone all the way down into the gritty reality of his character, with his dirty hair, rumpled attire and sweaty drugged-out appearance.

Though Pattinson has expressed a willingness to return to Twilight if anyone should ever decide to revive the franchise, his film choices in recent years have indicated that he would prefer to move as far away from Edward Cullen as possible. His first breakthrough into post-Twilight credibility came when he played the existentially conflicted billionaire Eric in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. Pattinson then explored the possibilities of going full-scumbag by playing the injured simpleton Rey in David Michod's post-apocalyptic action film, The Rover.

Pattinson has mostly stuck to this plan of playing off-beat characters in movies by acclaimed directors, hooking up with David Cronenberg again for Map of the Stars, working with Anton Corbijn in the drama Life, traveling to the desert with Werner Herzog to play T.E. Lawrence in the critically-panned Queen of the Desert and traipsing off to the jungle with Charlie Hunnam in James Gray's old-fashioned epic, The Lost City of Z. In Good Time, the Safdie Brothers have given Pattinson another chance to explore yet another odd-ball character who tends to live his life on the edge (and is in no way, shape or form a vampire of any kind).

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Source: A24

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