Netflix's Good Sam Trailer: A Heartwarming Good Samaritan Mystery

Good Sam Netflix

Netflix releases the trailer for Good Sam. Directed by Kate Melville, the good samaritan mystery stars Tiya Sircar. In Lucasfilm Animation’s Disney series Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Sircar has a main voice role as Sabine Wren, and she also has a main voice role in DreamWorks’ computer-animated Netflix series Spirit Riding Free.

Set in New York City, Good Sam follows reporter Kate Bradley (Sircar). When a mystery person begins leaving $100,000 on doorsteps throughout the five boroughs, the protagonist attempts to connect the dots, even if she’s not entirely interested in the story itself. However, once Bradley discovers the full scope of the “Good Sam” narrative, she attempts to figure out why someone would not only give away large amounts of money, but also choose to remain anonymous. Good Sam co-stars Chad Connell (Crawford), Marco Grazzini (The Flash), and Brittany Drisdelle (Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, The Boys). The film’s script was written by Teena Booth and Dete Meserve.

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Netflix released Good Sam’s trailer and power. Early on, Sircar’s Kate Bradley reports from the South Bronx, and then learns from her boss that she was “meant” to cover the “bummer beat.” The character is chastised for taking too many risks, and soon learns that she must follow up on a lead about a good samaritan story. Bradley questions the legitimacy of the story, as she “remains objective always,” and she just can’t understand why “Good Sam” wouldn’t ask for anything in return. In the trailer’s second half, New York City positively responds to the ongoing story, as various people create anonymous good samaritan clubs. As a result, Bradley perceives the story quite differently, and pushes forward to find out Good Sam’s identity. Overall, the trailer prioritizes the central storyline over flashy visual design, though the trailer itself is full of lively and vibrant colors. Check out Netflix’s Good Sam trailer and poster below. 

Good Sam Movie Poster

Over the past decade, Sircar has quietly sustained a busy Hollywood career. But although a role in Star Wars Forces of Destiny brings attention to her name and voice, it doesn’t feature the actress’ on-camera charisma, a quality that shines through in the Good Sam trailer. In recent years, Sircar starred opposite Zach Braff in the short-lived ABC series Alex, Inc, and she has a recurring role on NBC’s The Good Place, in which she portrays Vicky aka "The Real Eleanor.”

For Netflix, the Good Sam trailer teases a family-friendly movie that will undoubtedly be heartwarming and moving. And with Sircar in the main role, the streaming service features an actress of Indian descent, marking another step forward for women of color in the Hollywood industry.

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Good Sam premieres Thursday May 16 on Netflix.

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