The Good Place: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before It Ends

The Good Place has been an amazing series and has managed to surprise its fans again and again. Most of us weren’t expecting the series to run this long (though obviously, we’re grateful that it has). But we’ve always known that there was a deadline for this series.

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There are certain things that we’re desperately hoping to see before the series concludes. Some major plots need to be wrapped up, of course. But there are also moments that the fans are still hoping for, resolutions we need. Here’s hoping season four delivers!

This list contains spoilers for The Good Place season three. Everything about season four is purely speculative, and therefore shouldn’t be considered a spoiler (but we hope we’re right).

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10 Resolution For Chidi and Eleanor

The Good Place has some amazing ships to latch on to – that is, there are plenty of relationships to be rooting for. However, Chidi and Eleanor’s relationship has been the focus many times, and the most recent to break our hearts.

Even if these two do not get the chance to have their happily ever after, they need to have a chance to talk it out. Eleanor deserves some sort of resolution from all of this. Perhaps it will be them watching their past selves fall in love. Perhaps they really will fall in love again. We just need something to happen.

9 Janet’s Moment

Janet is one of those pivotal characters that can be easily overlooked. But the fact of the matter is that none of these characters would be here without Janet. We’ve been told again and again that Janet gets better with each reboot. And until recently, we thought Janet was the most advanced Janet out there. And she probably is – since her ex still doesn’t count as a Janet.

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Because of all that she’s done, and for how much she’s grown, Janet deserves to have her own moment in season four. Maybe she’ll learn something new and groundbreaking about herself. Maybe she’ll get a chance to shine. Whatever it is, we’ll take it.

8 Tahani’s Opportunity to Be the Bigger Person

Jameela Jamil in The Good Place

Tahani is the stereotypical character who looks good on the outside until you dig a bit deeper. However, she’s been growing every season, turning into a better person through the help of her friends. Most recently, she was given the opportunity to make amends with her sister. And now she’s in a position where she can be the better person. It was set up at the end of season three, thanks to one of the people picked by the Bad Place. She’s aware that she needs to do this. But following through is hard, especially when dealing with people like that. We just hope that Tahani succeeds – we want a win for her.

7 The Trolley Problem

Good Place Eleanor Chidi Michael on the trolley

The Trolley Problem is a classic philosophical dilemma, perhaps even the most famous one. And it has already made an appearance in The Good Place – once in a very visual sense. It would be fun to see this ethical debate rise it’s head again, only this time with the intent of helping the four new people (plus Chidi, because technically he’s part of the test now).

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This would be a great hat tip to the philosophical debate of the series, while also bringing us back to points that our main characters have already had to go through. But all with a completely different spin on it – something The Good Place excels at.

6 Resolution Between Chidi and Simone

The conclusion to season three of The Good Place put us fans through a lot, with Chidi deciding that the only way to keep the test fair–and thus save everyone–was for his memory to be erased. That includes his memories with Eleanor, resulting in the end of their relationship (again).

This was all set in motion because the Bad Place picked Simone–Chidi’s ex–to be one of the four humans brought in for the test. Now, we don’t actually know how Simone died (yet), but she’s clearly here. And we get why Chidi made this decision. Now we’re just hoping for some sort of resolution between Chidi and his ex – even if they don’t actually know they used to date.

5 Jason’s Chance to Grow

Tahani and Jason in The Good Place

The running joke of the series has been about how dumb Jason is. And to be fair, he’s pretty dumb. He wins for most embarrassing and preventable death, at least (which is saying something). However, Jason has been growing, bit by bit. Last we saw, Jason was doing what he could to do right by Janet – his ex from a life he doesn’t remember.

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That’s actually huge for Jason. And we’re rooting for him. This will be our last chance to see what Jason can learn, and what he can do to be a better person. We want to see that happen. We also want to see Janet happy, so if this all happens because of their relationship, even better.

4 Conclusion For The Test

Obviously, one thing that absolutely needs to happen next season is the conclusion of the test. They’ve been given one year to run this little test of theirs. And the result will directly impact every human that is currently in, or heading to, the Bad Place. So this is a huge deal.

The real question is; will this test take up most of the next season? Or will they once again throw some surprise twist in our direction? Time will only tell. But no matter what they do, we sure hope to see how the test actually works out. We’d all like to know if humans can improve after death (well, besides our four main characters, that is).

3 Michael’s Salvation

Back when Michael first approached our four lead humans, he revealed that he hoped to get them into the Good Place. And he hoped that in doing so, he could prove that he deserved to be taken into the Good Place as well.

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We’re really hoping to see a resolution to Michael’s plot. Ideally, one that doesn’t result with him being retired (remember, retirement for somebody like him is very different than the human version of retirement). Michael has had the farthest to go, in some senses, and he’s done a decent job at caring and well, being decent!

2 A Recurrence of ‘What We Owe Each Other’

The Good Place Season 3 Finale

One of the running themes for the series has been What We Owe Each Other. It was the name of a book Chidi used to educate Eleanor on how to be a good person. It was later the hint Eleanor used to tell herself something was wrong with the Good Place. And it’s been a phrase that has come up again and again.It would be a nice little touch if this phrase came up at least one more time. Perhaps while Chidi is teaching the four new humans how to be good. Because we can only assume that this is something that’s going to happen.

1 Consequences for Shawn

Finally, it’s probably safe to say that we’re all hoping to see some consequences for Shawn. Actually, let’s amend that. We want to see Shawn and Vicki both face the consequences of their actions. Because we know Vicki is going to be involved somehow – they’ve spent too much time building her up just to drop it.

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These characters have been the big bad of the series. And, of course, Shawn is in charge of the Bad Place. And the Bad Place is currently in custody of every person who has died in the last 500 (plus) years. Something he was totally fine with, even when the imbalance should have concerned him.

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