The Good Place: Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Eleanor's Crush on Him

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has posted a special message online for The Good Place's Eleanor Shellstrop. Austin debuted with World Wrestling Entertainment (then Federation) back in 1995. Alongside such names as Triple H and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Austin became one of the organization's most prolific stars. Known as the poster boy for the company's "Attitude Era", Stone Cold engrossed fans throughout his legendary feud with industry figureheads such as Vince McMahon. Though now retired from active wrestling, the Hall of Famer still makes the occasional appearance - such as the recent return that saw Stone Cold directly clash with AJ Styles.  In recent weeks, Austin has also hosted his own talk show, Straight Up Steve Austin, on the USA Network.

Created by Michael Schur, The Good Place, meanwhile, debuted on NBC back in 2016. Played by Kristen Bell, the comedy series followed Eleanor Shellstrop as she awoke in the afterlife. Realizing that she'd been mistakenly placed in the titular good place (aka. Heaven) rather than the bad place (aka. Hell), season 1 saw the character attempt to keep her secret, while simultaneously trying to change her ways and become a person worthy of her new utopian home. As notable for its steady stream of twists and ever-shifting settings as its jokes, the show has garnered a massive amount of acclaim and awards recognition for its acting and performances. Despite frequently engaging in a romance with William Jackson Harper's Chidi Anagonye, one of The Good Place's recurring gags is Eleanor singular taste in mail-carriers and celebrity crushes.

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Steve Austin has repeatedly been mentioned among the latter. In one direct quote, Eleanor even admits that "I've only said 'I love you' to two people in my life: Stone Cold Steve Austin and a guy in a dark club who I mistook for Stone Cold Steve Austin." The wrestler-turned-host apparently caught wind of Eleanor's affections and filmed a short video in response, as posted on the official USA Network Twitter account. In the video, Austin lightheartedly commends the character on her good taste and returns the favor, declaring her "a legit snack"  - in another direct reference to a life from the show - before delivering one of his own signature catchphrases. Check out the full video below:

Despite the critical acclaim enjoyed by the show for each of its already aired three seasons, it was recently announced that season 4 would also be the last. With the show exploring another overhaul of the show's premise, the final season will center on the gang's attempts to prove that people can improve and become worthy of heaven after death. Those efforts will see a recreation of "the neighborhood" seen in season 1, within which they will try to redeem a group of specifically chosen individuals. The show, which blends comedy with an exploration of ethics, remains one of the most anticipated programs on television - with fans already having high hopes for the final episodes.

Bell and Harper will return as Eleanor and Chidi for the final run of episodes. They will be joined by Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, D'Arcy Carden, and Ted Danson - who play the remaining members of "Team Cockroach", Tahani Al-Jamil, Jason Mendoza, the all-knowing Janet, and the reformed demon Michael, respectively. The final season will no doubt be packed with a whole range of twists, including a game-changing one already teased for the very first season 4 episode. In that regard, Austin's own video has emerged as a brilliantly timed, early surprise for fans ahead of that episode's release.

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The Good Place season 4 premieres September 26 on NBC.

Source: USA Network/Twitter

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